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fade the whole screen

Registered User
2022-07-18 14:46:24

fade the whole screen is a very nice effect like when you open up a new scene.. gives a professional effect

Registered User
2022-07-18 19:14:56

It is nice but I don't recommend using fade screen at all - especially at the start/end of a scene. It can cause several problems in your games (I don't think the fade screen plugin is coded properly). I think Sven and just_in_case seemed to understand what was going wrong but I could never fix it properly.

For me, as my games got more advanced, fade screen caused a loop by constantly resetting my variables that were held in "before first draw and also on reload". It also stopped "on proximity " working properly and also seemed to cause problems with "every few seconds". Random events would occur and other events would not trigger at all. Sounds, animations and textures were screwed up.

In fact it caused an entire rats-nest of issues which were completely unsolvable to me. Sadly, the solution for me was to abandon a few years of project development and start them again from scratch (several times). I gave up on a few projects and nearly gave up on coppercube entirely - but now, I do no use "Fade Screen", "Every Few Seconds" or any of the coppercube features in the "Before First Draw" or "On Change Scene" or "Do something Later" etc, they all caused major problems for me - but I've not encountered any of those problems since I stopped using them.

For example, to fade the screen, I now use a transparent png (with a gradient from solid-black to see-through) - then child it in-front of the camera - move it up and down to fade the screen in/out. Using this method, you can also fade in colour. Or use some coding to do it properly.

Small projects will probably work fine with fade screen - but if they do ever break, personally, that's the first thing I would check/change.

Registered User
2022-07-18 22:16:00

Thanks the advice VP, I used to use the "fade the whole screen", I will pay attention in possible bugs! thanks!

2022-07-19 03:09:39

I have had some weird things happening with fade screen also so ended up making my own one use a 2d overlay and adjusting the alpha values instead of using the code "ccbDrawColoredRectangle" although it would still work most of the time...

I like to use fade in pictures and text this way and looks very good so recommend this to anyone.

I have not had any problems with any of the other things in CopperCube that 'veganpete' spoke about..

If you have a project 'veganpete' that is not working right and you think CC is at fault then you can send me the file I I will work out what's wrong if you like...I dont like to see hard work go to waste like that.

Its possible you have a buggy action or behavior or perhaps your code has some coding issues causing loops ??
So far when I have dealt with serious problems in CC it always came to my code that was at fault so not seen any real issues to date...

Registered User
2022-07-19 09:22:44

thanks for the advice veganpete I will keep it in mind..
I have not had any problems with it that I use it for.

Registered User
2022-07-19 10:04:32

No Problem andgameplay COA Hopefully you wont get any problems at all.

Thanks Robo - that's really kind of you.

I haven't used any of my own code in my projects at all, but the way I use visual-coppercube is probably considered non-standard by most users here.

From previous investigations, whenever the game breaks, if I remove certain things (especially "fade screen" and "animate scale" plugins), it will start working again - and fix seemingly unrelated issues such as variables and on proximity events.

I really appreciate you offering to look through my projects. Unfortunately I "rage-deleted" most of my recent coppercube projects and files but I'll look through my backups again and upload all the older versions to my cloud for you to investigate at your own leisure (none of the sound files survived the cull).

I really wanted to finish the Cas-Evac game and the Nekron games as I put years of daily work into Cas-Evac - but I found it was getting a bit depressing to start completely from scratch 3 times over - so if you can help at all, I'd be extremely thankful.

I had noticed major problems even in some very small/basic projects I'd made (single cut-scene animations) - especially with events being re-triggered randomly and variables not setting properly at "on first draw", and on proximity not working. I had uploaded them in the past for other people to check but the links are now dead - I'll see if I can find them as they'll be the easiest to work with. The projects worked fine on their own sometimes but when merged into my game and switched to from another scene, they became completely glitchy with some bizarre and unexpected results - probably due to the "animate scale" plugin.

To be honest, I can't really remember what was fixed and what was left unfixed when I abandoned them - I'll fire them up and double-check them. My current project (Rebel County) is working fine but it's still very basic at the moment.

Nice one!

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