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Why buy studio edition?

2022-07-16 21:45:28

In order to create game in Unreal engine, you need better hardware, which will cost more than the studio version of Coppercube. while coppercube can run on older hardware easily. +++++ money saved....

You don't want to use studio edition, nobody is forcing you... just use the free version. I don't know why it is becoming a topic for debate.

@just_in_case Is not saying that you are obliged to use studio version. With what I can read in the post he only advised and recommended people who know C++, to get the studio edition and improve the engine.

if you don't want to improve the engine it is okay, but don't argue. he clearly showed that new API's and features can be added to Coppercube with C++.
if you don't want to add something new then it is fine.
don't purchase it.

with bigger engines you need to buy better hardware, that will cost you more. Hobbyist like me with an older hardware like to work with CC, and I support and appreciate the work done by people who tries and wants to improve the engine. If @niko is not doing it then let it be someone else.

I think if you update the C++ code then it will automatically update the no code thing as well, it will help in the development of behavior and actions too. So eventually it is going to update the no code engine too.

the API that @just_in_case showcased in his video of stting mouse position. I think can easily be converted into an action in which you can provide an X location and Y location for the mouse. So with the API upgrade through the C++ code will also update the No-Code actions and behaviors.

I appreciate all of your efforts @just_in_case, specially the work done by you in the shaders is really amazing.
Don't let these debates demotivates you. keep doing whatever you are doing.

Registered User
2022-07-17 02:03:19

Aiming_bullets wrote:

if you don't want to improve the engine it is okay, but don't argue. .


" ... don't argue... " ?

Don't worry, sir. With this attitude, I will not even stick around very long. Good luck trying to motivate people to pay for free work they will provide...

Have a nice day.

2022-07-17 05:04:06

@kassonnade, Regarding the price model, there are many who will agree with you, but it's the developer's choice and only he knows why he put that price behind the studio edition.

Your question regarding why someone who knows C++, would like to work on a no-code engine. Yeah, I agree with you. But maybe someone who wants to improve the engine, and to help the community.

Regarding leaving the community, I would like to recommend you to stick around, Maybe you will like the simplicity and faster workflow of CC for some types of games compared to other engines out there.

@Aimining_bullets, having an opinion and putting that opinion in front of the community is not an argument, I rather prefer to call it healthy debates, at least we have a topic to discuss.

@count2rfeit, Thanks I am glad you found the video informative, Sorry that I didn't show how the ".h" and ".cpp" files look like when you open them with a text editor.
Btw, it looks like any other C++ file, below is a screenshot of file opened in VSCODE..


Registered User
2022-07-17 09:34:58

studio version i will buy for sure in future even if i dont know C++ but its good way to learn it.
sometimes there is huge discounts on steam so if you dont have much money to spend then you can just wait price to drop.

Registered User
2022-07-17 16:06:30

Thanks for putting up the image of the C++ code JustInCase, I am excited about buying the studio editon now:)
Really cool!!!
I am still working on that spherical world thing, I think you have given me some good help with that. Thanks again...

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