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Coppercube sensors test for Mobiles

2022-07-04 15:19:06

I have created an extension which is currently in development that allows you to have access to mobile sensors in your CopperCube webGL-based games.
As many people are developing games on webGL platform it will be better if we could create games for mobile devices as well.

I want you guys to test this Dev-project, just visit the link to the project page on your mobile device browser and move(tilt) your device to rotate the player with the help of sensors present on your device. For me, it works completely fine. Rotation might be slower but it should rotate the player as there is no rotation rate is applied to it.

here is the link to test the project the password to the test page is 12345

Please let me know if there is any issue or if it working for you as well.

Registered User
2022-07-04 18:02:00

Hi just_in_case!

The idea is brilliant, it will definitely help a lot in the development of mobile games! I tested it on my Sansung A20 and it works ok, but there are some bugs in the texture when I move the camera and when the player moves, the textures are blinking, as if they are mixing and the sky is dark, I don't know if it was supposed to be so.

I rotated the phone sideways and the player slowly rotated as well. I tilted the phone back and at the very end of the movement, the player also flipped back. Excellent project!

Registered User
2022-07-04 19:05:47

cool extension!

2022-07-05 06:15:29

Thanks a lot for testing it @andgameplay and @coa...

The texture bugs and all is not related to the extension they are just hardware limitations, and I am not concerned about that as I am not developing any game there, I just used a default terrain and animated soldier model with the rotation on the basis of device sensors.

I am glad that the rotation is working fine, I do have some tests on i-phones as well and its working there as well, I think I can now further work on this extension to bring it to more practical use. Right now rotation is the only thing that I can imagine. but I think having extensions like, when device flip over do something, when the device is in portrait mode, do something. We can do things like that.

Hope I can bring something good.

2022-07-05 11:07:29

here on tv, so no sensors here.

same texture issues here
initially arrow keys moved camera, then lost control over camera and never regained it.

are you going to mimic keypresses to the 2dtouch overlay ?

2022-07-05 12:18:17

@DouweDabbe, I am pretty sure you didn't tried tilting your TV, haha, just kidding. For the textures and movement, there is no actual camera in the scene and the textures might appear bad and that's not what I am concerned about.

regarding the keypress for the 2D touch overlay, no I am not mimicking them, there is already support for emulating specific keys for the 2D touch overlay in CC. So no need to do that I think.

Registered User
2022-07-07 20:43:24

Unfortunately not working on my Samsung S10 with android 12 and firefox (should i test another browser?).
Itch says the game is not supported on my device. Tested it anyways but the player just stands there, doing its animation. Not working with tilt or similar movements. Textures flickering.

Great initiative though - hope it's progressing further!

2022-07-08 09:50:03

You're the guy, Justin.
Coppercube needs more plug-ins to make better the engine.

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