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Combine Mixamo animations

2022-05-10 12:09:59

In the past, I used Ultimate Unwrap 3D pro to combine Mixamo animations for my Coppercube projects (I found Blender too complicated to learn).

I was recently forced to reinstalled Windows and now can't get UltimateUnwrap3D to import fbx files.

As an alternative solution, for now, I just found this site (which may also be really helpful for other people).......

You just need to upload your rigged/skinned model from Mixamo, then upload all your unskinned animation files from mixamo - you can rename them all if you like, then export as an animated GLB/GLTF model with embedded textures.

Quick and perfect (literally takes just a few seconds).

Unfortunately, Coppercube doesn't have support for GLB/GLTF files yet, so you'd have to convert them to the older FBX format before you can import them to Coppercube. If you export form blender, you'll lose the textures unless you save as a "binary" fbx file with the "copy" option to the embed the textures when you export it.

Registered User
2022-05-11 03:46:11

Great tips! thanks VP!!!

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