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Hey guys, Coppercube is better than Godot?
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2022-04-15 05:01:42

Hey guys, Coppercube is better than Godot?

I did all my games in Coppercube Engine (the dreams were realized).
But I did some games in Godot Engine too.

What do you think about Coppercube vs Godot? Please, guys tell us.

2022-04-15 10:03:35

I cant really say for my self ive only tried godot a little bit but CC is more easier to use with its behaviour/Action System so its better in my opinion

Registered User
2022-04-15 12:48:42

For me Coppercube is more comfortable to use as long as i dont need better graphics for my apps-also i like javascript scripting.
Godot has some sort of weird GDScript that i was unable to get used to it.

But if i need better graphics then Godot will be better choice.
(but i would choose some other engine instead)

Registered User
2022-04-15 19:29:32

Godot, Unity3d etc. are more of 3D engines.
CopperCube, GameGuru etc. are more of game engines.

Godot , Untity3d for example do not have constructs for players, enemies, friendlies, health , damage, weapons, pickable objects etc.
You have to add/program all of that yourself in those engines.

CopperCube, GameGuru etc. provide these out of the box.

Registered User
2022-04-17 03:11:20

Godot is an excellent engine, which is even easier to use than Unity or Unreal, but Coppercube is fantastic, it has a lot of ready-to-use and quality actions and behaviors. Coppercube is extremely light, simple and easy to use, making it possible to create great games, just like those created in
Godot and you can even create any game created in Unity in Coppercube, just use your creativity!at advantege

2022-04-18 09:23:23

Godot has illumination, very illumination for your desire!

While in Coppercube has not illumination with shadow. There is a bug if you use many illumination it gives bug with colors of illumination.

Coppercube doesn't have shadow of images and billboards. Godot does!

for Coppercube.
for Godot.

Registered User
2022-04-18 19:37:38

Arcanjo, regarding the lights and shadows, these are points where Coppercube needs to improve, I believe that in the future Coppercube will be even better, with it, I can create practically the game I want, easily and well optimized.

I know a little javascript, very little indeed. What do you think is better I to do?

Study GDscript and develop games in Godot too?

Or delve into javascript and develop actions, behaviors in Coppercube?

Even if I learn to create games at Godot, I intend to continue making games at Coppercube as well. Is it worth developing at Godot?

2022-04-18 23:38:56

Both of two. Coppercube and Godot.

Registered User
2022-04-27 15:49:01

Godot is very good 2D/3D game apps, it has several scripting as GDscript and C as well to GDNative for C++, it works more like with nodes and signals in more much that OOP system that mean you can make for game more complex :)

CopperCube is very nice too, more easier than Godot I think, both they can make more complex to gameplay for games ;)

2022-04-30 13:13:05

Coppercube have a good philosophie if you dont want to code, the editor is simple but it's clear and easy to use. Perfect to start.
But..., the graphic engine is totally outdated...
With some effort, and if you dont want to code, you can teach Ue4 or Ue5 or Godot and their visual scripting editor...
Niko is alone to maintain the source code, and seem not so motivated to evolve the engine...tragic reality.

2022-04-30 23:00:29

Can you see the way to create Gifs in Godot?
It's so practical! Only using 'drag and drop'.

Coppercube takes several minutes to add animated textures. It's stressful.

Coppercube vs Godot for making Gifs? It's Godot for sure!

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