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Thanks @niko for the Forum Update

2022-04-14 04:04:46

I have noticed since a few days Images on the forums are now zoomable with a magnifying icon. Most of the time I was using the forums on my mobile device, So I thought it might be my browser update but today I noticed that it is also in the desktop version too.

I am really happy that large-size images now don't cover the forum area, that means less scrolling. Great addition to forum @Niko, thanks a lot for this little but great update :)

2022-04-14 15:42:22

Yeah, @niko is doing some good job for the forum. Sorry for the name by the way.

2022-04-16 06:39:51

I wish @Niko should better create moderators and all. There are so many spammers, even the users are spamming the forums with unecessary comments.

Maybe @Niko should, make a few moderator for the forums, and a system to close a thread. So if anybody want to comment reopen those threads, they can then generate a token and mods can approve their request and the thread will get reopened.
It will prevent users like @arcanjo, who thinks that posting unecessary comments is not a spam but a competition to bring their post on top of the other posts.
And they are claiming that they have the right to do this.

Hate to say but I have no respect for such users. @Niko should do something about this as well for the forums.

2022-04-16 08:05:58

I'm updating this forum about once a month, mostly for anti-spam code. The update I wrote this time also included that zoom button for the images, I thought it made sense.

Yes, will think about adding a mod feature. There isn't one right now at all, that's why I couldn't make anyone a moderator

But sometimes spammers slip through, this happens. Just send me a mail with a link to the spam post and I'll remove it.

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