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Discord Exclusive Content (Self Promotion)

2022-04-11 09:06:12

So today, I have decided to create perks for the Community members on my Discord Server and had created a Discord Exclusive channel on the server to post content that can only be downloaded and accessed from my Discord Server.

This is also an approach to bringing the community to one place in order to share ideas and work together and contribute. As we can communicate in real-time there and can get answers to the problems and issues much faster.

Our Server already consists of 143 members excluding bots, and there are bots to help you out. GV bot fetches Tweets from users who made any post about Ambiera or Coppercube. So that you don't miss any announcement from @niko or others if they made it on their Twitter handle.

There are other bots for special cases Role Assigning Bots, Notification Sending Bots, for example when you Stream live videos on Your YouTube Channel or Twitch handle, then one of the server Bot will assign you a special role and will show you on top of other roles.
one of the other bots will make a post about it on a specific channel that you are going live.

There are many channels that hold specific content.

There are resource channels from where you can download Actions, behaviors, shaders, ebooks, music, textures, assets, etc.

I have already uploaded 1 new Discord exclusive action and an Exclusive plugin to the server.

So if you haven't already joined the server then I would like to invite you to the server, I hope that you will enjoy the server and it will be really helpful to you.

Link to join the Discord Server :-

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