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Crucial question

Registered User
2022-04-06 17:00:51

Can coppercube be used for commercial game development?

2022-04-07 08:19:45

Legally yes, practically that's another topic...depends on whether 2d or 3d game and what your trying to achieve and how good your JavaScript skills other words more info is needed to answer ur question...

Registered User
2022-04-07 16:22:15

If it's info about my level of knowledge about coppercube I'll say...
1. I script my actions and behaviors in coppercube.
2. I Model my stuff and import them into coppercube.
3. I also know how to do some server php and make it work hand in hand with coppercube.
4. When it comes to shader programming I'm bad... Like really bad.
5. I'm using the free edition of coppercube.
What I was actually asking about... is that is coppercube just for beginners in the game industry because actually I was using unity3d but just left because I just like ld coppercube and it's forum. The things I see as funny is that ccb doesn't have support for IAP, Ads for Android developers makingit looks like there is no way to earn a living from your game rather than selling it.

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