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ccb prefabs...

2022-04-20 12:53:10

@Arcanjo - I think you're misunderstanding what mixamo is and what coppercube prefabs are for...

Mixamo is not meant as a graphics/model resource, it's an "auto-rig" tool which applies motion-captured animations to bi-ped models. The default mixamo models are just examples to get you started, so you can preview the animations on various types of model. The idea of mixamo is that you upload your own models, rig them and apply animations - but you can use the default models in your own projects if you want to.

A coppercube "prefab" is just part of a coppercube scene which has been saved and can be merged into a different coppercube project - a prefab saves everything - including models, lighting parameters, proximity bounds, collisions, animations, textures, actions/behaviours, 3D position etc. (literally everything in the scene). The default coppercube prefabs are simply examples to get you started (but you can use them in your own projects if you want to).

For example, you can (if you wanted) import a photo-realistic model to mixamo, rig it, add animations, export it to blender, add baked textures and tweak animation key frames, import to coppercube, add weapons/shields, behaviours, actions, dynamic lighting, keyboard controls, particle emitters, collision detection, game behaviours and AI pathfinding, bullets/explosions, physics etc. etc. - then save the entire thing as a coppercube prefab to share with others or use in a later project without having to do the whole process again from scratch.

TLDR? A coppercube prefab is simply a save-state of all data in a scene - not the actual "3Dmodel" or "Graphics"; you can save literally anything as a coppercube prefab once it's been created/imported into the scene.

2022-04-21 02:17:45

I'm talking about those prefabs:

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