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Please Donate to all our Great Contributors! :)

2022-03-16 23:17:45

CC Community. Please consider giving a donation of any
amount directly to each contributor that have given so much
to this community. Their work is really great and was needed
for so long.

Coppercube has been shown to be such a powerful and
easy game engine, it's potential is very cool!

Creators/Contributors you are giving your work freely
away Here and in other places on the Internet?

I feel you all are deserving of any kind of compensation
$ large or small. So, consider putting a Donation Button
to donate to you Directly and Easily where we find your work.

My respect, admiration and appreciation to all of you
for your great Coppercube projects, tips, tricks and
especially friendly assistance!


2022-03-18 00:37:50

Well, thanks :) if anybody wants to donate to me, I would surely appreciate it. Just head over to itch io and I guess you can donate a max of 2 dollars per download, as I haven't yet configured monetization I guess it's limited to 2 bucks,

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