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Quickly create professional looking diagrams

With DiagramPainter, you can quickly draw flowchart diagrams, mind mappings, organization charts, and more. With a few clicks, you can then integrate the diagram in your favourite program, by copying it to the clipboard as image, or saving it as file. It exports diagrams as .png, .jpg, and .bmp image files, and even has an integrated fast .pdf exporter supporting shadows and transparencies.

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Rich text everywhere

Diagram Painter supports instant full rich text editing in the diagram, everywhere. That means you can directly type your text into the diagram, and format it as you like, on all elements: Be it different font faces, sizes, alighment, text colors and more.

Lots of advanced features

The editor supports multiple diagrams per document, includes several intelligent line docking algorithms with free attaching to any point on any item, seemless and fast diagram zooming, lots of nice and different line modes (direct, polygon, round, hand-drawn), compressed undo management for a huge amount of undo steps, support for tables, and lots of predefined selectable styles.

Simple to use

WebsitePainter DiagramPainter is very easy to use. No complicated shortcuts to learn, no deep dialogs with arcane settings. Everything is directly visible on the screen.

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