Class CL3D.Mobile2DInputSceneNode

Scene Node which draws a 2d mobile input control

Extends CL3D.SceneNode.

Class Overview
CL3D.Mobile2DInputSceneNode(engine, scene)
A simple node derived from Mobile2DInputSceneNode to emulate keyboard input for games on touchscreen devices like phones, tablets and similar

Fields borrowed from class CL3D.SceneNode:
Id, Name, Pos, Rot, Scale, Selector, Visible
Method Summary
Method Attributes Method Name and Description
Returns the type string of the scene node.
Methods borrowed from class CL3D.SceneNode:
addAnimator, addChild, createClone, getAbsolutePosition, getAbsoluteTransformation, getAnimatorOfType, getAnimators, getBoundingBox, getChildren, getMaterial, getMaterialCount, getParent, getRelativeTransformation, getTransformedBoundingBox, init, isActuallyVisible, OnAnimate, OnRegisterSceneNode, removeAnimator, removeChild, render, updateAbsolutePosition
Method Detail
{String} getType()
Returns the type string of the scene node. Returns 'mobile2dinput' for the scene node.
{String} type name of the scene node.

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