CopperLicht API documentation

Welcome to the CopperLicht 3D Engine API documentation. You'll find any information you'll need to develop 3d games and applications with the CopperLicht 3D Engine here. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to start, you'll find some on the homepage of the CopperLicht 3D Engine or inside the SDK in the examples directory.


Hello World
Shows how to display a very simple interactive 3d scene using CopperLicht. No programming required for this tutorial.

Movement and Keyboard input
Shows how to move 3d objects by pressing keys, and how to use animators.

Realtime 3D Shadows
Demonstrates how to enable realtime 3D shadows CopperLicht.

Collision detection and response
Demonstrates how to do collision detection in CopperLicht.

Character animation
Demonstrates how to do character animation in CopperLicht.

Custom Scene Nodes
Shows how create a custom scene node and how to use CopperLicht without CopperCube. You will also see how to load textures, use BillBoards and Cameras and how to change Materials.

2D Overlays
Demonstrates 2d text overlays, how to caculate the 2d position from a 3d position and how to use the OnAnimate handler.

Custom materials and shaders
Demonstrates how to create custom materials and shaders.

Class Index

A list of all classes in CopperLicht:

CL3D The main namespace for CopperLicht
CL3D.AnimatedMeshSceneNode A scene node displaying an animated Mesh, usually a skeletal animated character.
CL3D.Animator An animator can be attached to a scene node and animates it.
CL3D.AnimatorAnimateTexture Scene node animator changing the texture of SceneNodes so that they appear animated.
CL3D.AnimatorCameraFPS Special scene node animator for first person shooter cameras.
CL3D.AnimatorCameraModelViewer Special scene node animator for model viewer cameras.
CL3D.AnimatorCollisionResponse Scene node animator making CL3D.SceneNodes move using autoamtic collision detection and response
CL3D.AnimatorFlyCircle Scene node animator making CL3D.SceneNodes move in a circle
CL3D.AnimatorFlyStraight Scene node animator making CL3D.SceneNodes move along straight line between two points.
CL3D.AnimatorFollowPath Scene node animator making CL3D.SceneNodes move along a path, uses CL3D.PathSceneNode to define the path.
CL3D.AnimatorOnClick Scene node animator which invokes a callback function when the scene node has been clicked.
CL3D.AnimatorOnProximity Scene node animator which invokes a callback function when the scene node gets near another scene node.
CL3D.AnimatorRotation Scene node animator making CL3D.SceneNodes rotate
CL3D.BillboardSceneNode A billboard is like a 3d sprite: A 2d element, which always looks to the camera.
CL3D.BoundingBoxTriangleSelector Interface to return triangles with specific properties, useful for collision detection.
CL3D.Box3d Axis aligned bounding box.
CL3D.CameraSceneNode Scene Node which is a (controlable) camera.
CL3D.ColorF A class holding a floating point color, consisting of four Numbers, for r, g, b and alpha
CL3D.CopperCubeVariable Interface class for accessing CopperCube variables
CL3D.CopperLicht The main class of the CopperLicht engine, representing the 3D engine itself.
CL3D.CubeSceneNode A class rendering a simple cube of default size 10 with one material.
CL3D.Light A class holding the data of a point light.
CL3D.LightSceneNode class rendering a point light.
CL3D.Line3d 3d line class, decribing a line between two 3d points
CL3D.Material Material description, usually for a MeshBuffer.
CL3D.Matrix4 A 4x4 matrix, mostly used as transformation matrix for 3d calculations.
CL3D.Mesh Class which holds the geometry of an object
CL3D.MeshBuffer A buffer containing a set of geometry with one material.
CL3D.MeshSceneNode A scene node displaying a static Mesh.
CL3D.MeshTriangleSelector Interface to return triangles with specific properties, useful for collision detection.
CL3D.MetaTriangleSelector Interface for making multiple triangle selectors work as one big selector.
CL3D.Mobile2DInputSceneNode Scene Node which draws a 2d mobile input control
CL3D.OctTreeTriangleSelector OctTree implementation of a triangle selector, useful for collision detection.
CL3D.Overlay2DSceneNode Scene Node which draws a 2d overlay with color, image and/or text
CL3D.ParticleSystemSceneNode A particle system is a simple way to simulate things like fire, smoke, rain, etc in your 3d scene.
CL3D.PathSceneNode A path scene node stores a 3d path which can be used for example by CL3D.Animators to move CL3D.SceneNodes along it.
CL3D.Plane3d 3d plane class with lots of operators and methods
CL3D.Quaternion Quaternion class for representing rotations
CL3D.Renderer 3D renderer, interface for drawing 3d geometry.
CL3D.Scene A 3d scene, containing all SceneNodes.
CL3D.SceneNode The base class for scene nodes, a node in the hierarchical 3d scene rendering graph.
CL3D.SkyBoxSceneNode A class rendering a sky box around the whole scene.
CL3D.SoundSceneNode A sound scene node represents and plays a 3d sound
CL3D.Texture Class representing a texture which can be loaded from an URL.
CL3D.TextureManager texture manager containing all Textures and able to load new ones, accessible via CopperLicht.getTextureManager().
CL3D.Triangle3d 3d triangle class consisting of 3 points in space, formin a triangle
CL3D.TriangleSelector Interface to return triangles with specific properties, useful for collision detection.
CL3D.Vect2d 2d vector class, used for example for texture coordinates.
CL3D.Vect3d 3d vector class with lots of operators and methods
CL3D.Vertex3D A 3d vertex, ususally used in MeshBuffers
CL3D.WaterSurfaceSceneNode A class rendering a reflective water surface.
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