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free easy-to-use 3D engine

Create 3D games without programming.
It's free.

Download CopperCube 6.5.1


For Windows

For macOS

Many supported Platforms

Creates Windows and MacOS apps, Android apps and even WebGL apps and HTML 5 websites.

Extremely Easy to use

Create everything from simple model viewers to full 3D games. With just a few clicks.

No programming!

You can create games and apps without programming. But also supports scripting for advanced users.

Game proven and free

Lots of successful
games have been created with CopperCube, and published on platforms like Steam

Professional Edition

CopperCube is free, but there is also a pro edition with more features available: read more.

Great for all types of games

Ideal for creating first person shooters, adventures, walkthroughs, simulators, e-learning apps and more

Download CopperCube 6.5


For Windows

For macOS

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