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Video Playback in CopperCube

The professional version of CopperCube supports playing back videos, both in 2D and in 3D. This section gives a small overview on how it works.

The Video Playback System

The professional version of CopperCube includes an action to play back videos on the Windows .exe and WebGL target. Videos can be played back in 2D (on a 2D Overlay) or in 3D (on any 3D object in a scene), and it is possible to influence playback with actions (play/stop/pause) and to react when the video playback has been finished or playback failed.
To play a video, simply do the following: That's it, now you can play videos.

Platform Specific Video Playback Limitations

Some technical details of how video playback works depends on the platform you are doing it. This gives an overview:

Target Supported Formats Comments
WebGL basically all file formats the browser is able to play. Our tests showed that .mp4 works best, but also .ogv. Not all browsers support the same video files equally well. Be sure to test your video playback on all browsers before publishing your work.
Windows .exe Video playback works on Windows with all installed DirectShow video decoders. You can download and install additional ones, and the default ones work with basic video formats, such as MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. Notice that the decoder for your specific video needs to be installed on the target system, so be sure to either use a common codec which is installed on all systems, or install your codec with your app on the system. The frame rate of your app must be high when playing a video in order not to get it out of sync with audio. Be sure not to do a lot of stuff when playing a video.