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Post Effects

CopperCube supports post effects, which can make your 3D scenes look much nicer without a lot of work. This feature only works in the professional or studio edition of CopperCube, though.
To enable post effects, just select the menu "Scenes -> Scene Post Effects" and then enable the checkbox of any of the listed available post effects.


the "Bloom" post effects fakes glow, bleeding shiny light on top of bright light sources. The available parameters are:

Black and White

Simply renders the scene in gray scale instead of in colors.


Simply inverts the colors of the final image. Combined with other post effects, you can create effects such as night visions and similar.


Blurs the image and makes in less sharp. The available parameters are:


Colorizes the image by multiplying the color of each pixel with a color. The available parameters are:


Fades the border of the screen out, making the scene look a bit more movie like. The available parameters are:

Changing PostEffects at Runtime

You can change the parameters and enable/disable PostEffects also at runtime, by using the JavaScript function ccbSetSceneNodeProperty. For example, create a "Execute Java Script" action, and paste this code to enable Bloom:
ccbSetSceneNodeProperty(ccbGetRootSceneNode(), "Bloom", true);
You can use similar commands to change the bloom over time for example, or colorize the screen, or similar.

Technical limitations

There are a few technical limitations for post effects: