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CopperCube Scripting overview

The simplest way to script CopperCube apps is to use the Execute JavaScript action, and write your JavaScript code directly in CopperCube. Take a look at the JavaScript scripting reference for a list of all available functions. JavaScript code will run on all publishing targets, including Windows .exe, Mac OS X .app, WebGL apps and the Android target.

Additionally, you can create your own actions and behaviors with the same API, and share them with others, using the same javascript API, like the scripted actions shown below, which have been created in this way:

How the extension and scripting system works

For using/creating/downloading a new Action or Behavior, you only need one single file, which is a standard JavaScript text file. You only need to save it into the extension directory (Documents\CopperCube\extensions on Windows, ~/Documents/CopperCube/extensions on Mac OS X). You can edit and save the files there with your favourite text editor. CopperCube automatically re-reads these files when creating your app every time, so it is very easy to use and develop.

Creating your own extensions

Downloading extensions

If you don't want to learn programming, you can download an use extensions created by others. There are extensions available on the official website:

Quickly trying out scripting using the 'Execute JavaScript' action

Alternatively, you can also directly use the JavaScript API using the built-in Execute JavaScript action. No need to create an action or a behavior if you don't want. Just type the code right into the 'Code' section of that action.

See the JavaScript scripting reference for a list of available functions.

Programming and Debugging Tips

Here are some usful tips for programming and debugging with CopperCube: