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CopperCube 6.6 released!

This update includes new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

  • Dark Mode support
    CopperCube now has an (experimental) dark mode, which can be enabled under Tools -> Options. It's not perfect (some controls like scrollbars and menus still have the default theme) but it's a start.

  • Customizable icons
    All icons in the editor can now be customized and now have an alpha channel. They are .png icons located in the \icons folder of the editor.

  • Android Studio Electric Eel compatibility
    Updated the source code for the Android client to be compilable with the latest Android Studio (Electric Eel)

  • Splitscreen, Animation Scripting and more
    Lots of new scripting functions for the editor and Win32/macOS player for doing Splitscreen, animation scripting, key emulation, mouse cursor positioning and more, contributed by by Vazahat (just_in_case).
    See the 'advanced' section in the JavaScript scripting reference for details

  • WebGL code generation
    Minor bug fixes and improvements in WebGL rendering code The installer is now dpiAware (meaning it also scales on highDPI screens) and supports many more languages

  • Lots of small improvements everywhere

  • Updated some translations

CopperCube 6.5.1 released

This update fixes two small bugs in CopperCube 6.:
  • Fixed a bug causing the editor to start up in a too large window on scaled resolutions without highDPI

  • Fixed a bug causing terrain editing window not to show the grass button by default

CopperCube 6.5 released

This update enhances the editor a bit and adds some improvements to the game clients:
  • HighDPI support

    CopperCube now works nicely on HighDPI displays.
    You also have a lot of more space to work on your project, and viewports are adjusted for this.

    coppercube 6 high dpi support

  • Faster frame rates

    You can now set a wanted frames per second value in the Windows .exe and MacOS .app publishing targets. Previously, this was set to 60 fps fixed, but if you want more, you can now also set a value like 120. Note: Most behaviors and physics expect a default frame rate of 60, so if you increase the value, you likely have to adjust your jump speeds and similar to fit this new frames per second value.

    coppercube 6 high dpi support

  • Support for large scripts

    If you edit and use scripts directly in the editor, there was a previous limit of 64KB of code for example inside of actions. CopperCube now supports an unlimited amount of size of code in internal editors as well. (Although 64kb ought to be enough for everyone, of course)

    coppercube 6 64 bit version

  • Small changes to the editor UI everywhere

    The biggest change to notice is the "create 3D element" toolbar on the top of the editor which now shows the labels by default. But also many other windows have been adjusted and updated.

    coppercube 6 64 bit version

  • New scripting functions

    • ccbLibFileDelete() deletes a file
    • ccbLibFileExist() tests for the existence of a file

  • Scripting function updates

    • editorImportAnimated3DMesh() now returns a reference to the imported node
    • editorImportStatic3DMesh() now returns a reference to the imported node

  • Additional Editor CLI parameter

    The editor now supports a new command line parameter, named 'importanimated', which makes it possible to import animated meshes from the command line. Use for example
    CopperCube -importanimated:somefile.fbx -save:myscene.ccb -quit
    to import an animated .fbx file into CopperCube via command line.

  • Resolution Game App Resolution CLI Parameter

    The Windows and Macos client now supports an additional command line parameter "resolution". This forces the application to use the given resolution or window size. Use for example
    for a resolution of 800x600

  • Updated Android client to API level 30

    APKs generated with CopperCube are now using API level 30. This also includes a mandatory additional signing step for creating APKs (APK Signature Scheme v2), which means that you might need to install or update additional build tools from your Android SDK manager.
    There is no support for building App Bundles yet though, you need to use Android Studio to build them yourself if you want to submit your app to the play store for now.
  • Fixed a problem causing action handlers and scripts to be executed sometimes when opening a file by double-clicking it. In most cases, this didn't cause any problems, but sometimes, it would change the scene for one frame. This is no longer the case.

  • Other, smaller changes:

  • On macOS, the generated app now finally also supports highDPI screens

  • Windows 11 support

  • Steam support plugin dll is now also 64 bit

  • Update for the swedish localization thanks to Alexander S

  • Added some some detail how to create Android App Bundles to the documentation using CopperCube Studio edition

  • Added improvements to nearly all translations created by Just_in_case

  • Please note: The .ccb file format has changed slightly since version 6.4, and CopperCube 6.4 cannot open .cbb files saved with version 6.5 or newer. (CopperCube 6.5 and newer can of course always open every .ccb file saved with any older version.) So just to be sure, it is always a good idea to make a backup of your project before moving to a new version.

  • Various fixes when importing 3D files and textures

  • Fixed translation missing for some UI elements like perspective button

CopperCube 6.4 released

This update moves CopperCube to 64 bit, includes several smaller updates and fixes, and removes some obsolete features:
  • 64 bit editor

    The editor is now a 64 bit app. 32 bit is no longer supported.
    CopperCube runs faster this way now and also is able to support much bigger projects.
    If you need 32 bit, please use CopperCube 6.3 or older.

    coppercube 6 64 bit version

  • 64 bit Windows apps

    Generated Windows .exe apps are now 64 bit (instead of 32 bit previously).

  • Improved macOS .app generation

    When MacOS Apps are generated from CopperCube in Windows, the .app file will now be bundled as .zip file automatically. It can be sent directly to macOS users and be run that way.
    It's no longer necessary to manually set execution flags using chmod or similar.

    coppercube 6 64 bit version

  • Nicer system command execution

    The scripting system() command has now a second optional parameter, which when set to 'true' causes no console window to appear anymore when run on windows.
    Instead of

    you can now type
    system('notepad.exe', true);

    in order to not have the console window popping up when running the command.

  • 64 bit macOS apps

    All generated MacOS apps are now also 64 bit.

  • File import via script

    Importing static and animated meshes into the editor is now possible via scripting using these two new functions:



  • Resortable actions

    Actions can now be re-arranged in the editor. This is especially useful, since actions are executed in the order they appear in the list. Simply right-click onto an action in the action editor, and select "move up" or "move down" for this.

    coppercube 6 64 bit version

  • Stopped macOS editor support

    There is no longer a MacOS version of the editor available.
    The Windows version of CopperCube can still generate macOS apps, though.
    If you need a macOS version of the CopperCube editor, please use version 6.3 or older.
    The reason for this is that Apple no longer supports OpenGL ("deprecated") and Carbon ("deprecated") and unfortunately generally appears to have a terrible strategy regarding backwards compatiblity. Most of the time developing CopperCube was spent working around bugs introduced in newer MacOS versions. So removing macOS editor support will cause development to start catchup a bit faster again.
  • Removed Oculus Rift Support

    Oculus Rift VR support was removed. CopperCube only supported an older DevKit of this anyway.

  • Updated UI

    Updated to a newer Windows Toolkit (wxWidgets 3) - some parts of the UI will look a bit different now.

  • Various fixes when importing 3D files and textures

    • Fixed inverted colors when importing DDS files
    • Fixed crash when importing obj with invalid material file
    • Fixed a bug causing CopperCube to crash when importing Blender .blend files with no parent
    • Fixed a bug causing CopperCube to crash when importing Blender .blend files without set material

  • Updated to a newer version of zlib

CopperCube 6.3 released

This update includes several smaller updates and fixes:
  • Publishing new apps to the google play store now works again (Google has upped their minimal API level)
    Android target version is now 29 (instead of previously 26).
  • Improved iPhone WebGL support:
    • iPhone normal map rendering now also works on WebGL. Most iPhones don't support 4 lights at the same time, so rendering is reduced to two lights at the same time for these.
    • Nicer fallback shaders for iPhones
  • Added Italian translation
  • Improved arabic translation
  • When running your WebGL code on a device not supporting all shaders, the "could not link program" error messages isn't displayed anymore.
  • Various other minor improvements here and there

CopperCube 6.0.2 released

This update mainly improves the Android platform target:
  • Google Play Store compatibility

    The used Android version SDK is now 26 instead of previously 8.
    This means apps can now again be uploaded to the google play store, which wasn't possible since a few days after Google set 26 as mandatory limit now. The minVersion is still set to version 8, meaning your app will still run on old Android devices.
    coppercube 6 google play support

  • Moved to Android Studio

    The android source is now an Android Studio project and no longer Eclipse based. It is encouraged to update to Android Studio if you are still using Eclipse. If you still want to continue using Eclipse, you'll still are able to use the .java source code which can be found in the folder app\src\main\java
    coppercube 6 debug console

  • Other, smaller changes

    • Fixed problem displaying "Invalid APK" when creating Android Apps with some unusual app names
    • Progress dialog when calculating lightmapping or adding textures is now much nicer in Windows 10
    • Fixed problem causing long lines of error messages sometimes to be cut off after publishing an app
    • Fixed a bug where the editor won't correctly store the android version code in the publishing settings

CopperCube 6.0.1 released

This update includes some improvements and fixes for some minor bugs of the 6.0 release:
  • Better selection indication

    Selection highlighting in the scene graph explorer has been improved: When selecting a 3d object in the view, the object is also now scrolled too in the scene graph explorer. Also, when selecting multiple objects, the selection is much better reflected between explorer and 3d view now.
    coppercube 6 selection

  • Larger Debug console

    For the Windows and macOS target, the debug console is now a bit bigger and is able to show longer lines of text. It also now re-adjusts itself when the window is resized
    coppercube 6 debug console

  • Improved restart scene action
    Previsouly, the 'Restart scene' action would not reset altered fog and postprocessing settings. It now does, and also fixes a problem where restarting a scene would set the background of a scene to gray by default.

  • CopperCube now warns if PostProcessing is enabled together with the Anti-Alias feature on D3D9, since they can't be used together at the same time. It will disable anti-aliassing now for this by default.

  • Various minor improvements and tweaks here and there.

CopperCube 6.0 released

CopperCube 6 is now available, bringing a lot of changes. You can download it here. Details:
  • CopperCube is now free

    Coppercube is now free. No more limited amount of scenes, no complicated licensing terms. From now on, you can use CopperCube for free to develop your games, and sell them, publish them on Steam, any App Store, your website or what every you want to.
    coppercube 6

    In order to support the development of CopperCube, there are two editions which have a few more features than the free edition: CopperCube 6 Professional and CopperCube 6 Studio Edition, which you can buy if you like. See the edition comparison page for details.

  • Post-Processing Effects

    CopperCube now includes an list of built-in post effects which can make your scenes look a lot better: Bloom, Black and White, Invert, Blur, Colorize and Vignette.
    This is one of the few features which are only available in the professional and studio edition. They work on the Windows, Mac OS and WebGL targets. Posteffects can also be adjusted, enabled and disabled during runtime using scripting. See the documentation for this.

  • Full FBX import with Animation

    CopperCube now supports loading all types of FBX files. This also includes animated fbx files, with skinned meshes (as for animated characters). It also searches for textures automatically, if they are referenced wrongly.
    Previously, it supported loading only FBX 2011, FBX 2012 and FBX 2013 files, now it loads all existing formats from Maya and Max created with the FBX plugin, and in addition these: AutoCAD (>=2011), MotionBuilder (>=5.5), Flame (>=8), Inferno (>=5.0), Smoke (>=6.0), and Revit Architecture(>= 2009.1)
    This only works in the Windows version of CopperCube, though.
    fbx import

  • New lighting system

    CopperCube now uses a new lighting system which makes it possible to use much more bright lights (up to 4 times brighter). If you are working on a project with an older version of CopperCube, note the following:
    • The editor will automatically convert your color and light settings to the new system. But be sure to make a backup of your project before.
    • If you used static lighting in your project, it will likely now look a bit different. You need to recalculate the lighting for all your scenes by pressing the "calculate!" button. You also probably need to adjust the radii and colors of your lights a bit after updating.
    • The ambient light setting is now very sensitive. Keep it at low values to make everything look nice.

    new light model

  • Unified colors and lighting

    In older versions of CopperCube, it could happen that for example if you set specific lights with realtime shadows, your scene could look slightly different on different platforms, like for example on WebGL and the Windows .exe target. This is no longer the case, your scenes will now look the same everywhere.
    dds support

  • DDS support

    CopperCube now supports DDS files. You can now import these as textures, and they will work on all supported platforms.
    dds support

  • WebGL 2 support

    CopperCube now uses WebGL 2 when available, and falls back to WebGL 1 if not there. When using WebGL 1, post effects might not look that nice because of it's missing non-power-of-two render target support. In WebGL 2, this is no problem.

  • Loading screen image

    Additionally to the text and background color, it is now possible to select a logo image for the loading screen. In the free edition, this is fixed to be a CopperCube logo, but in the professional and studio edition of CopperCube, you can change or even remove the logo.

  • Multi Selection

    The editor finally supports multi-selection: You can now select more than one object at a time by holding down SHIFT while picking objects (and ALT to remove from selection). That way, you can now move, rotate, scale, delete and modifiy textures and properties of multiple objects at the same time. This works in the 3D view as well as in the scene graph explorer.
    It is now for example very easy to remove or change all trees in a terrain by selecting all of them in the scene graph explorer at once.

  • WebGL automatic pointer lock

    The new 'Use pointer lock for FPS cameras' option in the publishing settings enables FPS cameras in your game to automatically use the pointer lock feature which is offered by most browsers today, even when not run in fullscreen mode.
    webgl pointer lock

  • Freeze Scale command

    There is now a new built-in command for freezing the scale and normalizing the normals of meshes. This is useful if you have different sized models in your scene and want to have them all the same size, without a scale applied to them. Using this makes it simpler to calculate collisions between such objects, improves performance with physics and lighting.
  • Improved skinned mesh player

    Coppercube now also supports displaying skinned meshes correctly such as animated characters when they have have duplicated vertices, for example with different UVs or Normals.
  • Better Wireframe mode

    The wireframe mode view is now much more usable in the editor: All mesh wires are now drawn white, instead of shaded by their texture and light previously.
  • Usable folder nodes - finally

    Folder nodes now store their open/close state in .ccb files
  • Automatic DirectX installer

    If the users of your game don't have DirectX, or not the correct version installed, CopperCube generated Windows .exe files will now detect this and can install DirectX automatically, so the game will now run everywhere. To enable this feature, just enable the new "Include and run DirectX Installer when needed" option in the publishing settings: This will create a subfolder named "dxredist" for your app which includes the DirectX installer. When you distribute your game, be sure to include this. The game will automatically run the installer if needed. For details, see the documentation under "Windows (.exe) target -> Making sure it runs on your users systems"
    dx redist

  • Scene Metrics tool

    The scene metrics tool, previously only available in the professional edition is now usable for everyone (which means for CopperCube 6 also in the free edition).
  • Nicer User Interface

    The user interface of the editor has been modernized quite a bit. It looks a lot cleaner and more modern now, and it should be more easy to find the right tools now.
    dx redist

  • More terrain generation options

    There are now a few more options to generate an initial terrain, like the possibility to select more than one texture for grass distributed over it. Also, the default textures and settings for terrain are now a bit nicer.
    dx redist

  • Lots of performance improvements

    The whole code base was modernized and improved, and updated to use a more modern compiler toolset, resulting in performance improvenments everywhere.
  • Updated Lightmapper

    The lightmapper for calculating static lightmapping has been updated and improved a bit. Some of the default settings have also been updated a bit, for example it now uses a bigger resolution and ambient light by default.
  • Improved OpenGL renderer

    CopperCube mainly uses Direct3D, but can also use OpenGL on Windows and Mac OS. This OpenGL renderer has been improved:
    • OpenGL vegetation rendering is now also supported
    • 2D Font rendering now is also working the same in the editor as in Direct3D
    • Texture filtering on terrain is now much nicer
    • Several performance improvements
  • Rotation correction tool

    The animated models editor has now a new command to correct the rotation of imported, animated 3d models. If, for whatever reason your imported 3D model is for example laying instead of standing up, you can set a correctional rotation in this to fix this for all models in your project.
  • Improved WebGL font rendering

    2D Text drawn using for example 2D Overlays in WebGL now is much more readable and sharper. Blurriness which occurred on some browsers has been removed now.
  • Automatic clip prevention for FPS camera children

    If you have a weapon, a hand or something similar attached to your FPS camera, so that it looks like this is part of the player, these models are now automatically prevented to clip through walls and other objects. The FPS camera behavior has now also a checkbox to enable/disable this feature, named "DisableClippingForChildNodes" which is on by default.
    clip prevention

  • Node Types via scripting

    It is now possible to query the type of a node with scripting. Use ccbGetSceneNodeProperty(node, "Type"); in order to get a string revealing the type of the scene node, like "mesh", "animatedmesh", "billboard", "camera", "light", "mobile2dinput", "2doverlay", "particlesystem", "path", "sky", "sound", or "water".
  • Flash support removed

    CopperCube no longer supports creating apps for the Flash platform. If you need to create Flash apps, you can still download and use CopperCube 5.
  • DirectX 8 support removed

    Since there is virtually no PC anymore not supporting DirectX 9 at least (and only DirectX 8), support for DirectX 8 was removed.
  • Updated Built-In Textures

    The built-in textures used by the editor have been updated. They now are of higher resolution and quality and look much nicer overall. Create a new terrain for example and see the difference.
  • Modern D3D 11 based renderer preview (in closed alpha)

    Internally, CopperCube now has an additional D3D 11 renderer with support for more modern 3D features.
    It is not public yet, buggy, and still early alpha but will be enabled for public use in an update in the near future.
  • Other, smaller changes

    • The documentation has been updated with new screenshots, tutorials, and of course documentation for all the new and changed features
    • The fallback rendering for reflective surfaces is now much nicer
    • Removed support for software rendering, only OpenGL and Direct3D are now supported
    • CopperCube is now compatible with the latest JDKs (meaning version 9 and 10) as well
    • The background color of the WebGL loading screen can now also be configured. This loading screen also uses now the specified loading logo image.
    • Improved error handling when rendering WebGL on systems with old or incompatible hardware
    • The WebGL platform printing now prints to the developer console if available, instead of logging them as errors in the error console.
    • The icon for cameras in the editor now indicates better where the target of the camera is, by mirroring the icon if necessary.
    • The default texture size of the lightmapper has been increased to create nicer results by default.
    • When importing coppercube scenes or adding prefabs, those no longer can influence or overwrite the global gravity, wind, fog or shadow settings of the scene.
    • Fixed a bug causing Windows 10 steal the focus of the just published and running Windows .exe app, sometimes
    • Fixed a problem causing WebGL export not to write out all textures under very special circumstances
    • Fixed a bug causing the direction of the "Fly Circle" behavior not to be correct sometimes when loading it from a .ccb file
    • Fixed a bug causing cloned collision behaviors to be always affected by gravity ignoring the setting in the editor
    • Fixed a bug causing videos not to play sometimes if you chain more than two videos after each other in the "OnVideoEnded" slot in the PlayVideo action.

CopperCube 5.7.1 released

This is a maintenance release, including mostly bug fixes and minor improvements. It is free for all existing users, download it here. Changes in this update:
  • Better WebGL Pointer Lock support:
    When you use WebGL in fullscreen mode you can additionally enable pointer lock - meaning First Person Shooter controls work on the website as in a desktop app game: The mouse cursor gets hidden and you move the the view by moving the mouse. This feature now works nicely on all modern browser supporting this, and additionally features using mouse coordinates (like the "When clicked on this" or "hovered by mouse" behaviours) work nicely as well by assuming the mouse cursor is now in the center of the screen. better first person shooter control
  • There is now a new property value named "PositionAbs" supported by all scene nodes, which returns the absolute position of an object when using ccbGetSceneNodeProperty()
  • Fixed a problem when using a static object with a game AI behavior: Previously, if this object had collision enabled, it wasn't able to correctly shoot because it would cause to collide with itself (if collision was enabled for this object). This has been fixed now.
  • Fixed a problem causing custom behavior scripts not work when loading an external .ccb file into the game using ccbSwitchToCCBFile()
  • Fixed a bug causing animated foliage not to be rendered sometimes in WebGL client
    realtime shadows
  • Fixed a bug causing jumpy camera when clicking and pointer lock is enabled in WebGL
  • Updated documentation with missing parameters, for example for the ccbSteamSetAchievement() command
  • Updated french translation
  • Updated swedish translation
  • Default Window size for new Windows apps is now 800x600
  • Default canvas size for new WebGL apps is now 800x600
  • Fixed a bug which prevented changing the color of dynamic lights sometimes
  • Fixed bug with deserializing light data when using JavaScript

CopperCube 5.7 released

This is a free update for all existing users, download it here. New in this update:
  • Realtime Shadows Support

    CopperCube can now draw dynamic shadows, by using shadow maps.
    This works nicely for outdoor scenes: Put a directional light into your scene and activate the "realtime shadows" checkbox of the root scene object.

    realtime shadows realtime shadows

    You can have both static lighting (light maps), dynamic lighting (shadow maps) and no lighting (white) for objects in the same scene.
    The technique used is pretty fast and also works nicely in WebGL on websites:
    realtime shadows
    It is possible to select manually which object should cast shadows and which should not.
    There are also a few parameters which can influence the look of this. There is a new tutorial showing how all this works.
    Limitations: This works only for Windows .exe target with Direct3D and for the WebGL target. Only one, namely a directional light source is supported for shadow casting. (You can also add other light sources of course, but they won't cast shadows)

  • Big game support and dynamic level loading

    If your game uses a lot of data like textures / sounds / scenes etc, CopperCube now makes it easy to do this as well: You can now dynamically load levels and scenes at runtime. There is now a scripting function named 'ccbSwitchToCCBFile()', which when invoked will wipe the memory and load/start that new file. This makes it possible to split your game up easily into multiple files. Works for Windows .exe and MacOS apps.
    big file support

  • Simplified uploading games to Android Play Store

    If you are using a newer Android SDK, your CopperCube generated Android game can be uploaded again directly to the store without the need to manually zip-align it. Background: Google moved the zipalign tool location in newer SDKs to another location. CopperCube now detects this.
    google play upload
    Additionally, CopperCube is now also compatible with Android Studio.

  • D3D Runtime detection

    The editor will now detect missing installed DirectX runtimes and provide a download link to install them.
  • Floating point render targets

    C++ code (windows.exe / mac os x): Floating point render to texture formats are now supported
  • Saving textures

    You can now save textures to disk using the new scripting function ccbSaveTexture(). This is for example useful when using the built-in 3d model texture packer, and you want to export the model or texture. You can also save textures directly in the editor by right-clicking the texture and choosing "save as...".
    texture packer

  • other, smaller new features and bug fixes:

    • The default Android update mode is now 'every frame' instead of 'when scene changed', resulting in a more smooth gameplay. Also, this will reduce the 'stuttering' which some people noticed on faster Android devices.
    • The editor now uses some bigger default window sizes when run on bigger screens
    • Windows .exe Apps no longer store their variables in the "CopperCubeApp" folder in the registry, but in a folder named after the application name.
    • The engine now uses less memory when run on Windows / Mac OS
    • WebGL: Replaced local files warning with updated information (the "allow-file-access-from-files" flag doesn't work anymore with Chrome)
    • Fixed a bug causing dynamic point lights not to rendered correcty sometimes when there was a directional light active as well
    • Improved polish translation
    • Fixed a problem when using the "Restart scene" action which caused memory to leak.
    • Resetting a behavior now using the "Reset" action causes the FPS camera and keyboard controlled camera also to reset their keyboard states.

    CopperCube 5.6 released

    This is a free update for all existing users, download it here. New in this update:
    • Wind Moved Vegetation Support

      Grass, leaves and other vegetation can now be moved by the wind. This works for grass on terrain, leaves of the trees, or any other object you like: It is a new material type setting. If you have a material of the type "Transparent (alpha channel)", you can select "Advanced Settings..." in the combo box of the material window, and check the "Moved by Wind" option.
      moved vegetation
      This works on WebGL, Android and Windows/D3D targets. On systems not supporting this, the system automatically falls back to static vegetation.

      There is no performance impact, since every movement is computed on the GPU. You can adjust the wind parameters when selecting the root node in the scene graph explorer, by changing the values under the 'Wind' checkbox in the property window. Grass movement of the terrain can additionally by enabled/disabled in the property window of the terrain.

    • Borderless/Dynamic Window support

      The Windows target now supports a new window mode which is known as "borderless windowed" or "dynamic" mode. It has a few advantages:

      • In windowed (= non fullscreen) mode, the window is resizeable
      • It is possible to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode during runtime easily at any time
      • Fullscreen mode is now automatically sized to the resolution of the users screen
      • Task switching between game and other apps now is possible and very fast
      • Switching to fullscreen at any time is now possible by clicking the 'maximize' window button

      new widow mode
      This mode is usually used by most modern games.
      Of course, the exclusive mode which was supported before as only window mode is still available as well.

      This new mode is enabled as default for all new projects. For old projects, you need to switch to this in the publishing settings, if you prefer this behavior.

    • Improved tree generation

      The procedural trees generator now creates much nicer looking trees.
      nicer tree generation
    • Screenshot support

      Apps for the targets Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app can now save screenshots.
      The new scripting function ccbSaveScreenshot(filename) saves the current content of the screen to a image file on the disk. Supported file formats are .bmp, .jpg, .tga, .psd, .pcx, .png and .ppm.
    • High precision mode

      When using Direct3D, the engine now runs in high precision mode, causing your interpolations look smoother in certain edge conditions
    • New features for people creating their game using C++:

      • There is now a way to get the current fog settings direct from the video driver, using IVideoDriver::getFog()
      • It is now possible to set integer shader constant arrays (previously, only floats were supported)
      • Various other small improvements here and there

      c++ source
    • Better Android multitouch

      Android multitouch input now also works nicely with newer, faster Android devices, where sometimes the input controller would hang under certain circumstances.
    • other, smaller new features and bug fixes:

      • Updated lots of parts of the documentation
      • Added swedish translation
      • Noteable Bug fixes:
        - Fixed a bug causing trees not to be regenerated when changing the texture in the tree generation dialog
        - Fixed a problem causing JavaScript's Date() class not to return the correct time anymore after a D3D device reset
        - Fixed a bug causing tree instances not to be stored on the terrain sometimes

      CopperCube 5.5 released

      This is a free update for all existing users, download it here. New in this update:
      • Steam Integration

        Games created with Coppercube as Windows .exe now automatically have Steam integration built-in. There is support for the Steam-Overlay and an easy way to use Steam Achivements, even without programming.
        (Note: This of course only works if your game will be published on Steam.)
        steam integration support
      • Improved First Person Shooter Controller

        Several improvements for this behavior where backintegrated from the game 'PostCollapse', including:
        • Repeated jumping is now no longer possible by holding down the space bar
        • Moving and strafing at the same time now longer lets the player move faster that way
        • When the system is hanging shortly (like for example if Windows Defender suddenly causes Windows to slow down), the movement will behave smoothly as before
        better first person shooter control
      • C++ source code

        Users of the pro edition now have access to the full C++ client source code. It consists of VisualStudio (Windows) and XCode (Mac OS X) projects and can be used to extend your game in any way possible. For details, take a look into the documentation.
        c++ source
      • Flash source code

        Users of the pro edition now have access to the full Flash client source code. It consists of about 150 .as ActionScript 3 files, and can be used to extend your game in any way possible. For details, take a look into the documentation.
      • Android Multi-Touch support for 2D Overlays

        It is now possible to use multiple 2D mobile input Overlays at the same time on Android target, making the games there feel more natural.
      • Android First Person Shooter Camera improved

        The first person shooter camera on Android now is much easier to use. Although first person shooters are more unusual on this platform, it works now much nicer and easier to handle.
      • Scripting extension: ccbGetCurrentNode()

        The new scripting function ccbGetCurrentNode() returns the current scene node. When running some JavaScript code via an 'execute JavaScript' action, there is always a "current node" set, usually the node in which the action is being run. This function is available on all platforms.
      • Price update

        CopperCube Basic Edition will from now on cost € 69 (previously: € 99), and the professional edition will now cost 358 € (previously: € 380).
      • other, smaller new features and bug fixes:

        • Mesh import improved: Imported mesh name is now reflected in the scene graph explorer
        • Improved Chinese Translation
        • There is a downloadable action available for using Steam achivements without scripting.
        • Fixed a bug causing 'plant rendering' advanced material flag not to be set when anisotropic rendering isn't checked as well.
        • Fixed a bug causing CopperCube to crash when modifying a mesh which has been imported as animated mesh although it is static.
        • Fixed a bug causing Oculus Rift support not to work on some systems
        • Fixed a bug in WebGL causing Particle Systems as children of rotated nodes not to show up correctly at some viewing angles.
        • Various minor bug fixes

      CopperCube 5.4.2 released

      This is a small free update for all existing users, download it here. New in this update:
      • Dynamic day-night cycle support

        It is now easily possible to have a day-night cycle in your games and simulations: There is now a downloadable day-night cylce behavior from the extension script page.
        Additionally, it's now possible to change the color, radius and direction of realtime lights using scripting. The new properties are 'Radius' (for point lights), 'Color', and 'Direction' (for directional lights).
        day-night cycle support
      • Anisotropic filtering

        Added anisotropic filtering option to the advanced materials settings. This is an advanced filtering option for materials. Because it is memory and computationally intensive, and likely slowing down your game, you have to enable it manually for surfaces where it should be applied to. It makes sense to do this for example for grounds or walls with a very detailed pattern on them. Works on Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app platforms.
        anisotropic filtering
      • Fast collision detection for degenerated geometry

        Collision detection now also works nicely with degenerated and irregular geometry on all targets. This means that if you are not using the physics engine for movement but the built-in fast collision/response system, you are not likely to get stuck anymore if your 3D world consists of unclean modelled 3d data.
      • Disable Browser Context Menu action

        There is now a free new downloadable action available which disables the browser's menu to appear when right-clicking in a WebGL app. You can download it from the extensions website.
        disable browser menu
      • Better first person camera touch support on WebGL

        First person camera controls now work a lot more nicer on touch devices like phones and tablets, for the WebGL target.
        smoother fps camera
      • irrEdit options

        It is now possible to enable showing CopperCube irrEdit/Irrlicht views. This is basically a property window for Irrlicht Engine properties, where you have some more options for influencing materials and properties of various objects for Windows .exe and Mac OS X targets. It is also very useful when using CopperCube for developing Irrlicht apps.
      • other, smaller new features:

        • When scripting and using the function ccbSetSceneNodeProperty(), it is now also possible to set a color using its RGB values, for example by ccbSetSceneNodeProperty(s, "Color", 255, 128, 0);
        • It is now possible to change the background color of the scene using scripting. Use 'BackgroundColor' of the root object for this.
        • It is now possible to change the fog color of the scene using scripting. Use 'FogColor' of the root object for this.
        • WebGL client now again shows details of errors if a specific file could not be loaded.
        • Fixed a bug in the extension script action ('do something later') which wouldn't work sometimes on some operating systems. Redownload that script if you discover this problem.
        • Fixed a bug causing the cloning of octree triangle selectors not to work anymore when compressed source using Google's closure was used.
        • Fixed a bug causing automatically generated directional light getting invalid unique ids assigned by default.
        • Added translations:
          • Farsi
          • Hindi
          • Chinese
          • Polish
          • Czech

      CopperCube 5.4 released

      This is a free update for all existing users, download it here. New in this update:
      • Heightmap import support for terrain

        If you want to sculpt your 3D world terrain with another software, you can do this now, too. Coppercube now is able to import terrain heightmaps of the formats .raw, .r16, .r32, .png, .tga and .pgm. It also has the option to automatically apply textures to imported terrain and distribute grass onto it.
        heightmap terrain import
      • Integrated Texture Packer

        CopperCube now has an integrated texture packer. This is useful if you are using 3D models (for example downloaded from the web) which weren't optimized for games. Most of 3D models available online have lots of textures applied to them, which slows down your game while rendering. You can now simply right-click such a model in your game, and select "Modify -> Pack all textures of selection into one". This will optimize your 3d model and make it render much faster.
        integrated texture packer
      • Much smaller, compressed files for WebGL

        CopperCube now generates up to -80% smaller files for WebGL (depending on content). Files are now compressed, causing WebGL websites to download and start much quicker. This feature is optional and can be turned off in the publishing settings.
        webgl compression
      • Much smoother first person shooter style camera

        The first person shooter camera now has a new property named 'movement smoothing', which when turned on causes the movement of the player to be much softer, even on very slow systems. This is nice especially for mobile apps and the WebGL target, but movement also on the Windows and Mac OS X apps feels now much more natural, when turned on.
        smoother fps camera
      • Full web page WebGL support

        There is now an option in the publishing settings to enable your game/app to use the full web page size.
      • Footstep sounds

        It is now possible to play foot step sounds easily. Simply attach the 'footsteps' behavior to any object, and once it is moving, one random of three actions is run, after a specific foot step length. Use those actions to play sounds, blow up dust, or similar. The footstep behavior is available as free downloadable extension behavior from the extension download page here.
      • Box testing for "On proximity do something" action

        The "On proximity do something" action now has a setting named 'testArea'. Set this to 'box' instead of the default 'sphere', and your objects will be tested against a box, which is more exact and useful in a lot of cases. Also, the box is rotated and scaled with the object, so you can also test for non-orthogonal areas now.
        integrated texture packer
      • Nicer 2D image drawing

        You can now specify if a 2D image drawn as part of a 2D Overlay will be drawn 'sharp/pixelated' or 'blurry/filtered' when it is scaled. Both options make sense, depending on the type and use case of your 2D overlay. Now you can choose manually which option will be used.
        integrated texture packer
      • New "Recalculate normals" command

        The command for recalculating tangents and binormals, which is intended to be used for normal mapped geometry only now also works for all kinds of static geometry. It has also been renamed accordingly "Recalculate normals and tangents...". You can use it to recalculate and fix normals for all kinds of static meshes now.
      • Possibility to update static Phyics geometry

        The new scripting function ccbUpdatePhysicsGeometry() is able to update the internal collision geometry of the physics engine. If you move a part of the static collision geometry while your game is running, and want the physics engine to respect that, simply run this new command afterwards. You can do this for example with a 'Execute JavaScript' action.
      • Pan support for Model Viewer Camera

        If you are using the model viewer camera behavior, you can now enable pan for it. This works when pressing both mouse buttons at the same time. It is implemented inm the downloadable extension behavior 'Model Viewer Camera Extended' from the extension download page here.
      • Improved .OBJ file loader

        The .obj file importer is now more compilant and can even import corrupt .obj files found on the web. It is also now able to import files correctly, exported with some newer version of a more popular 3d modelling software, which seems to add some unexpected characters into the file sometimes.
      • Increased WebGL performance

        WebGL performance is now much better, on all browsers: Internally, the engine now uses requestAnimationFrame() if this turns out to perform better on the target browser.
      • other, smaller new features:

        • Updated documentation with examples and more details
        • Improved french translation
        • Extension scripts in WebGL now also can handle right mouse button events
        • A handfull of smaller bug fixes.

      CopperCube 5.3 released

      This is a free update for all existing users:
      • Fog Rendering

        Added Fog rendering support. You can now add fog to your scenes simply by clicking the "Fog" checkbox on the root node of your scene. Looks great on terrain. Fog color and density are adjustable. See documentation for more details.
        fog terrain   fog indoor
      • Greatly Improved Blender file loader

        CopperCube can now import most low poly Blender .blend files without problems. If you are using Blender as 3D modelling software, you probably don't need to export your files anymore, and can just import the .blend files directly into CopperCube.
      • Experimental .FBX file import

        The editor now can import .FBX files with the following limitations:
        • Import works for static meshes, animated meshes are not yet supported
        • Working are FBX version 2011, 2012 and 2013. Older formats are not supported.
        blender and fbx import
      • Android source code

        Users of the pro edition now have access to the full Android client source code. It consists of about 150 java files, and can be used to extend your game for example to include ads, or similar.
        android source
      • Performance improvements

        Sound output now runs about 20% faster on Windows and Mac OS X. Also, on Android, WebGL and Flash, collision detection is now much more smooth and faster, using even less CPU time now.
      • More fine grained sound control

        There is now a new action named "Stop Sound". This can be used to stop a specific single sound. Very useful for controlling the sound environment, and to create stuff like dialogs which can be cancelled, and similar. There is also a corresponding new scripting function available, see below.
        sound control
      • WebGL pinch detection and dynamic scene loading

        Added support for touch pinch gesture detection in WebGL: Pinches are reported as mousewheel events.
        Also, if you are using the open source WebGL library for scripting your games, there is now the possibility for loading additional files as scenes during runtime on the fly. This means you can now create even bigger games and scenes and only load them when needed. See the CopperLicht::load() function documentation for this.
      • Spanish translation

        In addition to the already existing 7 translations, the editor now is also available in Spanish. It will switch automatically to spanish if your operating system uses that language, you can switch it back in the options menu.
      • other, smaller new features:

        • New scripting functions:
          • ccbStopSound: Stops a single specific sound, similar to the action "stop sound"
          • ccbSetSceneNodeParent: Sets the parent scene node of a scene node
        • There is now a new command "Load new mesh from disk..." to replace the mesh with a new mesh for existing static meshes in the scene
        • The font in the debugger window of the Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app target is now much bigger and better readable
        • Added a tutorial to the documentation on how to create 3D geometry using scripting in the editor
        • Improved, more helpful error messages when loading of a 3D file failed
        • Extended documentation with more examples and hints here and there.
      • Bug fixes:

        • Android:
          • Fixed a bug causing stopped streamed sounds not to be replayable sometimes
          • Fixed a bug causing bullets to be able to hit the shooter himself if the shoot action was caused by a touch action
          • Fixed a bug causing created clones of animated meshes to crash the app under certain circumstances
          • Fixed a bug causing objects with collision turned on to 'pop' their position sometimes in rare circumstances
        • WebGL:
          • Fixed a bug causing scripting interface not to return the names of 2D overlays
          • Fixed a bug causing bullets to be able to hit the shooter himself if the shoot action was caused by a touch action
          • Fixed problem causing animated meshes could get corrupted when additional scenes are loaded manually later during runtime.
          • Fixed a bug causing objects with collision turned on to 'pop' their position sometimes in rare circumstances
        • Flash:
          • Fixed a bug causing bullets to be able to hit the shooter himself if the shoot action was caused by a touch action
          • Fixed a bug causing created clones of animated meshes to freeze flash under certain circumstances
          • Fixed a bug causing objects with collision turned on to 'pop' their position sometimes in rare circumstances

      CopperCube 5.2.2 released

      This is a small bug fix release with minor new features, download it here:
      • Added new and updated some translations. The CopperCube Editor now is translated into these languages:
        English, German, French, Russian, Brazilian, Turkish, Arabic
      • A few minor performance improvements in WebGL and Windows .exe targets
      • Added support for Steam, meaning CopperCube is now also available on the Steam store
      • Added a "download more" menu link in the prefabs window
      • Android bug fixes:
        • Fixed a bug which could cause apps with dynamic light not to start on some newer Android devices
        • Fixed a bug causing cloned animated characters to cause a crash under special circumstances
        • Fixed a bug causing dynamic light not to work sometimes on some newer Android devices
      • Flash bug fixes:
        • Fixed a bug causing cloned animated characters to cause an app freeze under special circumstances
      • Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app bug fixes:
        • Fixed a bug causing water surfaces sometimes not to react to events
        • Fixed a bug reported as 'portal bug': causing objects controlled by keyboard to move too much after switching scenes
      • Other bug fixes:
        • Editor: Fixed problem with unicode characters in scene names

      CopperCube 5.2.1 released

      This is a small bug fix release, download it here:
      • Fixed bug causing 3D grid not to be shown
      • Fixed bug causing Android apps not to be written out using the 'INTERNET' permission, causing functions like 'ccbDoHTTPRequest' not to work
      • CopperCube now works nicely with windows shutdown or restart requests
      • CopperCube's installer is now signed and will work nicely when downloading through Internet Explorer

      CopperCube 5.2 released

      This is free update for all existing users with some nice new features and bug fixes:
      • Realistic Realtime Water

        Added realtime reflecting water surfaces. There is now a special scene node which renders water surfaces and can be used to create rivers, lakes, and oceans. It is highly configurable, so it can be used to create various, realistic looking water surfaces. It works on all targets (Windows, Mac OS X, WebGL, Flash and Android)
        shader programming
      • Procedural Tree Generator

        There is now an interactive tree generation user interface for creating procedural generated 3D trees:
        attaching to animations
      • Localization (German and English for now)

        The editor now supports german and has a german user interface, if you are running your operating system in german. This feature can be disabled in the options dialog. It is also possible to add other languages on your own now. See the 'language' folder in the installation location of CopperCube for this.
      • DPAD support on Android

        Added DPad support for the Android target. That's the directional pad available on some android devices, and your games can now use it. It will behave like the cursor keys on the other targets.
      • 21 day trial

        The trial period is now 21 days instead of 14 days, so you can try CopperCube even longer now.
      • other, smaller changes::

        • The editor now has a slightly updated and modernized user interface
        • The editor now works nicely also whith big and very large Fonts selected in the current Window Manager
        • There is now a new sky box prefab available, with a blue sky
        • Full screen with pointer lock now works again on Chrome in WebGL mode. Previously, this stopped working after Google changed their implementation.
        • 2D Overlays in WebGL are no longer drawn 'blurry' and are shown now more clearly in WebGL
        • Fixed a bug causing keyboard and mouse input not to work for extension behaviors sometimes for Cameras on the Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app targets.
        • Fixed a bug causing animated rotations (done by actions) not to work correctly under special circumstances
        • The effects example has been updated
        • In WebGL Target, fixed 3D sound node to play sound looped even if set to 'play once'
        • Updated the 'classic car' prefab with new textures

      CopperCube 5.0.2 released

      • Added Oculus Rift DK2 support (beta)
      • Video playback on WebGL now also works with correct sized videos when playing back Non-Power-Of-Two sized files.
      • Fixed a bug in the Android target where the "Load or Store Variable from disk" action won't save on some android devices.
      • Fixed a bug causing collision detection to stop working sometimes in WebGL when there where animated meshes placed into a terrain.
      • Fixed a bug causing special variables not to be saved sometimes when using the scripting API on the Windows .exe or Mac OS X .app target.

      CopperCube 5.0.1 released

      This is a small bug fix release, download it here:
      • Fixed a bug causing the 'stand' an animation not to be played correctly sometimes when not all animations are set in the 'Controlled by Keyboard' behavior.
      • Fixed a bug causing slow performance on the Flash target when switching between scenes with many objects.
      • Fixed a bug causing a 2D overlay to be cloned incorrectly sometimes when mode is set to absolute size.
      • The scripting function 'editorAddSceneNode' now has the ability to create 2D overlays by using 'overlay2d' as paramter.

      CopperCube 5 released

      The latest major update of Coppercube is available now, download it here. New features are:
      • Terrain support

        The editor now includes a way to create and edit terrain. There is also a terrain generator, completely with trees and grass. Terrain can be drawn with height painting tools directly in the editor, textures can be painted quickly with automatic texture blending into the terrain. There are also tools for placing grass and bushes, and for distributing meshes automatically over the terrain.
        terrain support terrain rendering
      • Physics engine

        It can be switched on for the Windows and Mac OS X target in the publishing settings. There is also a new behavior available named 'Move object by physics engine' for making objects behave, collide and move like objects in the real world. Objects with the 'Collide when moved' behavior will also collide against those then and be able to move them, roll them over etc. There is also a way to react when an object collides with the world, for example to play sounds, and a way to manually apply forces to objects using scripting.
        physics simulation
      • Video Playback in 2D and 3D

        The professional version of CopperCube now includes an action to play back videos on the Windows .exe, WebGL and Flash target. Videos can be played back in 2D and 3D (like on any 3D object in a scene), it is possible to influence playback with actions (play/stop/pause) and to react when the video playback has been finished or playback failed.
        video playback
      • Network communcation

        You can now easily do HTTP requests on all targets, in order to exchange data with game multiplayer servers, PHP/MySQL database backends, or whatever you like to. This feature is available as new JavaScript function named ccbDoHTTPRequest(), but there is also an action for doing this without programming for download from the website. This feature doesn't directly provide multiplayer support for your games, but it is now possible to build this yourself on top of this.
      • Added iOS 8 WebGL support

        Apps created with CopperCube and the WebGL target now also run on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, ...) with iOS 8.
        running on iphone and ipad
      • Shader programming

        You can create and add your own materials and shaders during runtime now using the JavaScript API. In the documentation, you will find a few examples showing you how to start. Note that this is nothing simple, and not for beginners. You need to know shader programming in order to use this feature.
        shader programming
      • Animation blending

        CopperCube now blends animations when switching between them. It is automatically enabled, but can be turned off or adjusted for every animated model manually in the editor or via script. This also means that you don't need to create perfect animation loops anymore. The engine will now automatically blend non-fitting animation loops together so that they look nice.
      • Attaching nodes to animated meshes

        This is useful for example to let characters carry weapons in their hands, to switch them dynamically, change how they look like, or for example to even attach particle systems to moving parts of an animation. Use the command "Modify Selection -> Attach node to animated joint..." for this.
        attaching to animations
      • Directional light

        This is useful for simulating light sources from a very far distance, like for simulating the sun. Directional light can now be used just as the already supported point lights both with the light mapper as well for dynamic lighting.
        directional light
      • Procedurally generated trees

        There is a new scene node type available which generates a tree (a 3d model of a plant) based on user specified parameters. It is possible to create all kind of tree types from it, be it for example a full grown pine or a dead desert bush. This feature is beta, and not very user friendly yet, but planned to be improved in future versions.
        generated trees
      • Faster Lightmapper, with Mac OS X support

        The built-in lightmapper has been rewritten and is now much faster. Additionally, it now also works with shadows on the Mac OS X version of the editor, wich previsously only produced results with diffuse lighting only.
        lightmapper of coppercube
      • Optimized WebGL performance and compatibility

        Not only did we squeeze all these features into a tiny, 180KB .js file, we also improved the performance again by about 20% in certain areas, and improved compatibility with mobile and/or touch enabled WebGL capable browsers such as Chrome for Android.
      • Custom Icons for Windows Apps

        There is now a new option to select an icon for the windows target. Note that embedding the icon in your app might slow down the publishing process by a few seconds, depending on your operating system. (This feature is not supported in the Mac OS X version of CopperCube)
      • Manual Commands for the AI

        Use the function ccbAICommand() for this, so you can send any "Game actor with Health" to a specific location, command it to attack something, or similar.
      • 15 new prefabs

        15 new prefabs added: 2 new animated characters (a soldier; a sleep walker), 2 weapons to be attached to animated characters: a shotgun and a pistol, 11 high quality, low poly prefabs created by Efe: a classic car, a bicycle, an armchair, an ancient statue, a book, a nightstand, a flowerpot, a lamp, two tables, a television.

      ...and many other changes:

      • There is now a new command for converting a static mesh to an animated mesh (without animation). This is useful for ditributing huge amounts of static meshes over the terrain without much memory usage, since instances of animated meshes share their data and are culled more efficiently.
      • New, better looking examples come preinstalled with CopperCube now.
      • The 'object controlled by keyboard' behavior now has a more fine tuned animation playback system
      • The 'object controlled by keyboard' behavior now has the option to 'pause' after jumping, making the jumping feature look more like in some platform games.
      • The gravity value is now set per scene, in the root object of the scene.
      • Jumping in all behaviors is much nicer and more physically correct now. But this also means that you might have to adjust your jump settings in existing projects when upgrading to CopperCube 5.
      • Game AI movement is more smoother now
      • Scripting changes: New functions:
        • ccbCreateMaterial()
        • ccbSetShaderConstant()
        • ccbAICommand()
        • ccbSetPhysicsVelocity()
        The following functions are now also available in the editor:
        • ccbGetCollision PointOfWorld WithLine()
        • ccbDoesLineCollide WithBounding BoxOf SceneNode()
        Changed behavior:
        • ccbEndProgram() now closes the window in WebGL and Flash
      • When cloning nodes in the editor, also children will now get unique names and ids, and relinked with the behavior of the parent
      • 3D Editor change: When changing the parent child relation of a node, the position of the node is tried to be kept at the old position
      • 3D Editor change: When moving an object which is the child of a rotated parent object, movement will still move into the direction the arrows are pointing
      • When right-clicking onto a texture in the texture browser, there is now a command to save the texture as file to disk.
      • It's possible to use the mouse wheel in the prefabs window
      • Removed feature: It is no longer possible to target Flash players older than version 11
      • When switching the perspective, orthogonal views now place the camera more nicely.
      • The path tool new works a bit nicer when adding new path nodes.
      • Lots of updates to the documentation.

      CopperCube 4.5.1 released

      This is a small bug fix release, download it here:
      • Fixed a bug causing mouse and key events not to work on the root scene node in WebGL, Flash and Android

      CopperCube 4.5 released

      CopperCube has just been released in version 4.5. It is a free update, you can download it from the download page. New features are:
      • Oculus Rift support
      • WebGL and Flash fullscreen mode and mouse pointer locking
      • Touch events for WebGL
      • New internal key and mouse event handling system (much more responsive now)
      coppercube oculus rift support
      CopperCube Oculus Rift support being tested

      Additionally, there is a new online demo available, showing the fullscreen and mouse locking in action. You can run it as WebGL and Flash or version directly from this website, using this link. The demo looks like this:
      coppercube new demo
      Screenhot of the new demo

      The demo is also available as windows .exe with support for the Oculus Rift, download it here: CopperCube Oculus Rift demo (25 MB)
      The new Oculus Rift support is basically just an option to enable in the publishing settings of the editor:

      coppercube oculus rift support
      New option for creating apps with Oculus Rift support

      Detailed change log for version 4.5:
      • Added support for the Oculus Rift VR device. The professional edition of CopperCube now is able to create apps running with the Oculus Rift, DK1 and probably also newer. Support for this is beta only, but it already works nicely. It only works with the Windows .exe target, though. To use it, simply check the 'Oculus Rift support' checkbox and whereever you are using a first person shooter style camera in your app, the user has full control over it using the Rift.
      • WebGL and Flash fullscreen mode and mouse pointer locking is supported now. This is useful for nice first person shooter cameras, for example. There is a downloadable action for this available from here. But also available as the new JavaScript function ccbSwitchToFullscreen(). Works in Chrome, Firefox and in IE (while only fullscreen is supported in IE)
      • WebGL now supports touch events. Meaning it also works nicely on Firefox and Chrome when using it on a touch screen device.
      • CopperCube now requires minimum Flash Player 11.2 when publishing as hardware accelerated Flash app. (Because that version introduced the now supported mouse pointer locking)
      • Redesigned internal key and mouse event handling system: These events are now handled instantly, previously they were processed during the next frame. For large, slow scenes, this could cause a small delay, sometimes. Also, with this change, it is now possible to do system calls in Flash and WebGL which rely on instant event processing for security reasons.
      • Default mode for redrawing in Flash and WebGL is now 'every frame' instead of 'when scene changed'

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      Older News

      CopperCube 4.4 released. Adding support for fast rendering plants and grass patches, dynamic loading of textures during runtime, collision detection settings cloning enabling the creation of advanced apps like level editors, improved plugin creation tools, improved WebGL support for Firefox and Chrome, updated documentation, bug fixes and more. Details here.
      CopperCube 4.3 released. Adding support for WebGL in Internet Explorer 11, new integrated web server for better developing WebGL in Chrome and IE11, improved collision detection, Android Menu key handler, updated documentation, bug fixes and more.
      CopperCube 4.2.1 released. Bug fix release, including support for Google's latest Android SDK, and support for WebGL in Chrome for Androids.
      CopperCube 4.2 released. Added support for normal maps, import of static Blender .blend files and support for precalculated lightmaps. Option to use the current desktop resolution for full screen apps, open folder of textures from the editor, improved performance for .3ds, .lwo, .dae, .ase, .ply, .dxf, .cob and .scn importers, enhanced COLLADA support, new extension actions and plugins, more documentation with new tutorials, bug fixes and lots of other minor new features. Details here.
      CopperCube 4.0.5 released. Includes basically bug fixes, mostly for the new (beta) scripting system, increases performance for WebGL, Android and Flash. Details here.
      CopperCube 4.0.4 released.
      • New beta features: Entirely new scripting system ('CopperCube for Game Developers'): All targets now support JavaScript scripting, using the same API. New behaviors and actions can now be added yourself, or downloaded from the internet.
      • Other: Multitouch support on Android, WebGL speed improvements and ~50% improved download size, extended 'if' action, sound volume and collision details control via variables, improved COLLADA import, various bug fixes.
      Details here.
      CopperCube 4.0.3 released. Enhanced Game AI, actions for paths, better font support on WebGL and Android, improvements for the Android target, bug fixes. Details here.
      CopperCube 4.0.2 released. Extended cloning mechanism, improved physics on android, more WebGL publishing options, several bug fixes and improvements. Details here.
      CopperCube 4.0.1 released. Faster Android apps, zooming for the model viewer camera, several smaller bug fixes. Details here.
      CopperCube 4.0 released. Android support, Particle systems, Touchscreen support for mobile devices, customizable loading screens for all targets, Multiline text, more and extended actions and behaviors (cloning, deleting, vehicles, random positions, etc.), new examples and prefabs, lots of other improvements. Details here.
      CopperCube 3.5.1 released. Small bug fixes for the flash publishing target. Update recommended.
      CopperCube 3.5 released. Adds support for unicode (Russian, Japanese, etc texts and files now working), redesigned user interface, support for copying and pasting behaviors, new special runtime variables like '.damage' and '.movementspeed', bug fixes.

      CopperCube 3.1.0 released. Adds an improved material window, the possibility of attaching any object to a camera (like weapons in first person shooters), improved dynamic lighting in WebGL and Flash, new actions and behaviors (restart a scene, do something before first frame, improved keyboard controlled object), dynamic variables (like "" for game AI), faster publishing, improved 3D file importers, bug fixes.
      CopperCube 3.0.3 released. Adds support for Vertex colors, and the ability to import huge 3D models, also from the formats .dae (collada), .ase, .ply, .dxf, .cob, .3ds, .lwo and scn.
      CopperCube 3.0.2 released. Adds WebGL performance improvements, new example (third person camera) and various bug fixes.
      CopperCube 3.0.1 released. Includes a few bug fixes with Flash and WebGL.
      CopperCube 3.0 released. Adds dynamic lights for all targets, plugins, JavaScript as language for for Mac .app and Windows .exe, polygon editing tools in the editor, audio for WebGL target, double sided materials, new actions, improved model viewer camera, better 3rd person camera for indoor scenes, improved file importers, and much, much more.
      CopperCube 2.5.5 released. Adding support for the latest, updated Adobe Molehill Beta.
      CopperCube 2.5.4 released. Added enhancements for Firefox 5 support (WebGL), material index parameter for the 'Change texture of a scene node' action and fixed a few minor bugs.
      CopperCube 2.5.3 released. Added third person camera control, command line interface (professional version only), several bug fixes and minor changes.
      CopperCube 2.5.2 released. Improving compatibility with the just released Firefox 4 final version.
      CopperCube 2.5.1 released. Fixing a few bugs, it is recommended to update to this version from 2.5.
      CopperCube 2.5 released. Adds support for Adobes just released Molehill API in Flash: real hardware accelerated 3D graphics. Adobe MoleHill is still in Beta, and you need to enable this feature in CopperCube in the Publishing Settings.
      CopperCube 2.2.3 released. Adds viewports for cameras to the editor, scaling in all direction by holding down shift, improved first person shooter camera control for Flash and WebGL (looking by moving mouse), lots of enhancements to various actions and behaviors, access to CopperCube variables via Actionscript, JavaScript and Squirrel, possibility to jump in first person cameras, much improved performance for collision dection and response, fixed bugs with several file format importers (.3ds, .obj, .dae, .dxf, .cob and .lwo), and much more.
      CopperCube 2.2.1 released. Includes several bug fixes with WebGL
      CopperCube 2.2 released. Adds new materials (fake reflections), a wireframe mode, support for setting, manipulating and reading variables via actions, and lots of minor improvements and bug fixes.
      CopperCube 2.0 released. Adds undo and redo to the editor, support for game AI behaviors (for example for creating enemies for games), shooting, timer and other behaviors and actions, update to the latest WebGL specification and a lot more.
      CopperCube 1.4.1 released. Adds support for character animation in the WebGL target and various other small improvements.
      CopperCube 1.4.0 released. Includes support for Mac OS X (also on Windows), adds support for 3D Studio Max .ase, Stanford Polygon Lib .ply, AutoCAD .dxf and Truespace .cob and .scn files, improves COLLADA .dae, Lightwave .lwo and 3D Studio .3ds importers. Also, gives the possibility to use own prefabs and adds various other improvements.
      CopperCube Beta for Mac released. The first beta version of CopperCube for Mac has been released. This version runs on Mac OS X 10.4 and later (intel only) but may contain bugs and errors.
      CopperCube 1.2.2 released. Added 'On Cursor moved over do something' behavior, multiple sky box support for flash, 'create plane' now with texture repeat option, collision detection for WebGL target, tooltips on texture displays and various bug fixes.
      CopperCube 1.2.1 released. Fixed WebGL target for MacOSX and a bug with the flash target.
      CopperCube 1.2.0 released. Added support for WebGL and JavaScript, using CopperLicht.
      CopperCube 1.1.3 released. Adds the option to open .ccb files with a click in the windows explorer and an .irr scene exporter.
      CopperCube 1.1.2 released. Adds 2D overlays (to show 2D images, buttons, text displays and similar), transparent background rendering (wmode=transparent), new actions, and more.
      CopperCube 1.1.0 released. Adds realtime 3D character animation.
      CopperCube 1.0.6 released. Includes the new Event/Action system and Flash Player 10 3D capabilities.

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