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This is a list of archived news entry from the front page.

irrEdit 1.5 released. Adds support for Irrlicht 1.5 and irrKlang 1.1.3, a handful of new features like export to .STL and .OBJ files.

26 Jan 09

irrFuscator 1.2.0 released. Added binary SWF obfuscation feature.

19 Jan 09

irrKlang 1.1.3 released. Improved performance and compatibility of Mac OS X version, reduced latency of Linux version, added multi channel audio recording, added several small improvements to the .NET version including examples for VisualBasic.NET.

5 Jan 09

irrFuscator 1.1.6 released. Added possibility to exclude packages from obfuscation.

15 Dec 08

irrKlang 1.1.2b released. Added support for (external) multichannel sound cards on Mac OS X.

10 Nov 08

irrKlang 1.1.2 released. New: Support for 24 bit wave files, versions for the .NET runtimes 1.1 and 2.0, added access to the internal audio interfaces, several other small new features, new examples and several bug fixes.

13 Oct 08

irrFuscator 1.1.5 released. This release fixes some few bugs.

26 Sep 08

irrEdit 1.4.2 released. Adds support for Irrlicht 1.4.2 and irrKlang 1.1.0, a handful of new features and compatibility improvements with Vistas Aero window renderer.

22 Sep 08

irrFuscator 1.1.4 released. This release adds some minor bug fixes.

10 Sep 08

Forum back online: The forum is now back online. Sorry for any inconvenience.

11 Aug 08

irrFuscator 1.1.3 released. This release adds some bug fixes to the string encryption.

28 Jul 08

irrFuscator 1.1.2 released. This release adds some improved mxml file obfuscation.

02 Jul 08

irrKlang 1.1.0 released. New: Direct access to decoded PCM sample data, bug fixes, speed optimizations and memory usage improvments. See change log for details, or download irrKlang 1.1.0 now.

18 Jun 08

irrFuscator 1.1.1 released. This release adds vars obfuscation, file ignore lists and a few bug fixes.

18 Jun 08

irrEdit 1.4.1 released. This version is compatible with irrlicht 1.4.1 and fixes a few bugs.

02 Jun 08

irrFuscator 1.0 released. This release adds string encryption, constants obfuscation and other minor improvements to the Actionscript 3 source obfuscator tool.

16 May 08

Ambiera announces the release of its new single player online role playing game Darkness Springs. For more informations about it please take a look at the official game webpage.

24 Apr 08

irrFuscator 0.9 released. This is the first release of our Actionscript 3 source obfuscator tool.

25 Mar 08

irrKlang 1.0.4 released. New: Audio recording for Windows, PCM sound sources, minor bug fixes.

23 Jan 08

irrKlang 1.0.3 released. irrKlang now runs also on Power PCs (Mac OS) and includes other new features such as: Sound device enumeration and selection, sound stop event reciever reasons, reduced ALSA driver latency, audio format retrieval for .NET, and various bug fixes.

03 Dec 07

irrKlang 1.0.2 released. Changes: Major feature enhancements such as setPlayPosition(), ALSA, WinMM and CoreAudio devices now support setPlaybackSpeed(), rolloff factor for 3D sounds, audio file format information retrieval, improved C++ interface (namespace handling etc), new examples, bug fixes and a lot of minor new features.

05 Nov 07

irrKlang 1.0.1 released. Changes: Minor bug fixes and documentation updates.

16 Oct 07

irrEdit 1.4alpha preview released. Changes: improved lightmap generator, .irrmesh support, some gui improvements, integrated irrklang 1.0, irrlicht 1.4alpha compatibility.

17 Sep 07

irrKlang 1.0 released. Changes: Added sound preloading, possibility to change loop mode during playback, optional manual plugin loading from other directories, Linux driver fixes, C++ name clashes resolved if not using namespaces, VisualStudio 6 support, documentation improvements and more. See change log for details, or download irrKlang 1.0 now.

6 Sep 07

irrKlang 1.0RC1 released. Changes: Added support for MacOSX (x86), irrKlang.NET is now able to override the file access just like the C++ version. This release is RC1, no interface changes are planned until version 1.0 anymore, although some minor improvements are planned (for example latency decrease for the linux version on slow hardware). See change log for details, or download irrKlang 1.0RC1 now.

25 Jul 07

Announcing irrKlang MacOSX support: irrKlang is going to be released as MacOSX version soon. irrKlang already works on that platform and is in alpha testing phase. A preview demo can be downloaded here for a short time.

18 Jul 07

irrKlang 0.9.1 released. Changes: Huge irrKlang.NET enhancements, bug fixes, sound aliases, small API enhancements. License change: irrKlang now contains all of the features of irrKlang pro (except static linking and signed assembly) and from now on is free for non-commercial use, to better support free and open source projects. It is no more free for commercial use now. See change log and license for details.

27 Jun 07

irrEdit 0.7.1 released. Changes: 3D Grid, 3D sound plugin (via irrKlang 0.9), extended options, lots of bugfixes.

14 Jun 07

T-Shirts available: You can now buy irrKlang, irrEdit, Irrlicht and Ambiera T-Shirts on this site. They don't only look cool, you also support our software projects with this.

12 Jun 07

irrKlang 0.9 released. Changes: Support for DirectSound8, sound effects (echo, reverb, flanger etc), doppler effects, sound frequency/playback speed, sound events and more. There is also now a irrKlang version available for commercial licensing. See the related blog entry for details and background.

4 Jun 07

irrKlang 0.8.1 released. Changes: Bugfixes only. Improved Linux support (no more stuttering) and no clicks for 8 bit wave files and huge wave files anymore.

11 May 07

irrKlang 0.8 released. Changes: Bugfixes for the ALSA and DirectSound driver as well as the possibility to set default min and max distances for 3D sounds.

03 May 07

irrEdit 0.7 released. Changes: Terrain scene node editing, plugins, irrlicht 1.3 compatibility, bug fixes.

27 Apr 07

The Ambiera Forum is online now. Feel free to discuss about irrKlang, irrEdit, irrXML and general related topics there.

18 Apr 07

irrKlang 0.7 released. New: Playback length retrieval, sound source removal, improved memory usage, bugfixes.

13 Apr 07

irrKlang 0.6 released. New: Added MOD, XM, IT and S3M files playback functionality, added support for .NET languages (C#, VisualBasic.NET etc)

16 Mar 07

irrKlang 0.5 released. New: Linux support (via ALSA driver), winMM driver for Windows, several small enhancements and bug fixes.

19 Feb 07

irrKlang 0.4 released. New: GCC and Code::Blocks support, sound playback directly from user memory, file access overrideable and more.

09 Jan 07

irrKlang 0.3 released. New: MP3 support, plugin system, 3D sound buffers, various rolloff models, 2 tutorials and more.

02 Jan 07

irrEdit 0.6 released. New: The built-in light mapper can now calculate global illumination via radiosity, using its software implementation as well as a hardware accelerated version.

06 Nov 06