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What does irrXML mean?

The name irrXML was made up from the words 'Irrlicht', the name of the free open source 3d engine where the origin of irrXML lies, and of course XML, short for eXtensible Markup Language.

Can I use irrXML in my commercial application?

Of course you can. It's free.

How can I contribute to irrXML or support the project?

If you disovered a bug in irrXML, just report it in the forum or send it to the author of irrXML. Also, ideas and suggestions on how to improve irrXML are always welcome.
If you even want to support irrXML financially, you can buy Irrlicht and Ambiera shirts (they also look cool!).

Why is irrXML located in the namespace irr::io?

One namespace would have been enough, that's right. However, in Irrlicht, all classes for reading and writing data are organized in namespaces, and because irrXML has been designed to work closely with Irrlicht, it is easier this way. If you don't like namespaces, just add these two lines before you start using irrXML:
using namespace irr; 
using namespace io;