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irrFuscator Features

irrFuscator protects the Actionscript 3 source code of SWF and AIR applications by replacing symbols with obfuscated names. This is necessary for a lot of developers because their code gets reverse engineered and stolen above-average often in the flash area.

Flex and Flash Support

irrFuscator also supports source obfuscation of .mxml and .as files. The following Flex versions are supported:
  • Flex 1.0 (and later)
  • Flex 2.0 (and later)
  • Flex 3.0 (and later)
  • Flex 4.0 (and later)
  • Flex 4.5 (and later), also supports the Stage 3D / MoleHill API
irrFuscator also supports future Flex versions which can be simply added using the .SWC support mechanism.

Obfuscation Example

The following code demonstrates what irrfuscator does when obfuscating a source code project. The file contains some plain as3 code:

But of course, irrFuscator can do additional source level obfuscation if wished, which is very useful when source code needs to be given away:

import flash.utils.ByteArray; public class _wm3952 extends _lc4996 {
public static function _fi5847(idx:int):Boolean { return _ya7618(idx) 
!= null; } public static function _dm6121(idx:int):String { var cl:Class =
_ya7618(idx); if (!cl) return irrcrpt(87, "kzrd"); var data:ByteArray = 
new cl as ByteArray; return data.toString() + irrcrpt(23, "uzd."); } }