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irrEdit Screenshots

In this section you'll find some screenshots of irrEdit in action. Note that most of this is programmer art, but we also used data from artists.

irrEdit 1.4.2

irrEdit now also works with the Vista Areo window manager enabled.

irrEdit 0.7

Shots of irrEdit 0.7: It is now possible to add and edit terrain scene nodes, and to use plugins which can add external scene nodes.

irrEdit 0.6


Shots of irrEdit 0.6: The lightmapper now is able to do software based as well as hardware accelerated global illumination rendering.

irrEdit 0.5

Shots of irrEdit 0.5: The lightmapper now can do subsampling, resulting in better image quality, some file format issues have been removed and the item placers and the interface has been reworked.

irrEdit 0.4

Shots of irrEdit 0.4: The lightmapper is now fully functional, it supports multiple meshes and the user can specify which mesh should cast and/or recieve shadows. In addition, irrEdit also now manages modified meshes and is able to export them as COLLADA files.

irrEdit 0.3


Shots of irrEdit 0.3: User interface improvements and a first version of the lightmapper included (not production ready yet).