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Recording Coppercube Games
Author Text

Registered User
2017-03-12 05:16:25

What software works best to capture video from a coppercube game?

2017-03-12 05:20:31

I'm using OBS Studio, works very nice

Registered User
2017-03-12 20:14:24

Actually I normally use OBS, However for me It only captures blank video from window and game sources. I can get video from the screen source, but edges are always about 15% cropped and video placed in the top right, with the rest of the space black. This happens to me with the .exe in both Windowed and Fullscreen mode.

I having some success with Fraps but I have to dramatically drop the screen resolution to just barely make 29.9 fps. (My game uses really low poly models and 128x128 or less textures).

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