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open source WebGL 3D library

CopperLicht is a commercial grade free open source 3D JavaScript library for WebGL.

It comes with a full free 3D world editor.

Including free 3D world editor

Ready for designing games without programming. Get it here.

Many special effects

Particle systems, water reflections, fog, sky boxes, and a lot more.

Built-In Collision and Physics

Picking, Movement, Collision and Response. Everything built-in already.

Fast, small, with Anti-Theft

Highly optimized and downloads fast. Prevents your 3D models from being stolen.

Proven commercially

Successful commercial games have been created with CopperLicht

Realtime 3D Shadows

Fast, realtime 3D shadows, even for huge scenes.

For a detailed list of features, see the CopperCube editor features page.

The simplest way to get started is to get the CopperCube editor.
Or download the SDK.

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Latest News

CopperLicht 1.15 released. Post Effects, WebGL 2 support, CopperCube 6.0 compatibility, and more.


CopperLicht 1.14 released. Improved Pointer Lock support, CopperCube 5.7.1 compatibility, Better foliage rendering, and more.


CopperLicht 1.13 released. Shadow map rendering, CopperCube 5.6 compatibility, a new tutorial, floating point render targets, and a lot of improvements here and there.


CopperLicht 1.12 released. Better touch input handling, CopperCube 5.4.2 compatibility, Fast collision detection for degenerated geometry, a few bug fixes and more.


CopperLicht 1.11 released. Added support for compressed scenes, flag for enabling automatic full page rendering, better performance, overwriteable OnMouseUp and OnMouseDown handlers, CopperCube 5.4 compatibility and more.


CopperLicht 1.10 released. Added support for fog rendering, dynamic level loading, touch pinch guesture detection, server communication improvements, CopperCube 5.3 compatibility and more.


CopperLicht 1.9 released. Added support for realtime reflecting water surfaces, rendering to textures, inverting the depth test, shader callbacks, pointer lock, and more clearly rendered 2D Overlays.


CopperLicht 1.8.1 released. CopperLicht is now open source!


CopperLicht 1.8 released. Added animation blending, CopperCube 5 compatiblity (terrain, video playback etc), directional lights, iOS 8 support, touch aware browser support, CSS class for debug texts, bounding box triangle selectors, possibility for collision detection to ignore certain materials, and much more.


CopperLicht 1.7.2 released. Added support for switching to fullscreen, mouse pointer lock and touch events. Also, Cameras now auto adjust the aspect ratio if it is initially set to 0 (usefull for switching to fullscreen)


CopperLicht 1.7.1 released. Better error messages when developing with Firefox or Chrome, improved API for TriangleSelectors (cloning possible, removing selectors dynamically), "alpha channel ref" material now also works with dynamic lighting, bug fixes.


CopperLicht 1.7 released. CopperLicht now also works with Internet Explorer 11, which introduced WebGL support recently. Also, there is now a new material type (EMT_TRANSPARENT_ALPHA_CHANNEL_REF) and the collision/respsonse system has been improved.


CopperLicht 1.6.3 released. Works nicely on Chrome for Android, support for all CopperCube 4.2 features including normal maps, bug fixes.


CopperLicht 1.6.2 released. Better compatibility with Chrome 27, support for all CopperCube 4.0.4 features, bug fixes.


CopperLicht 1.6.1 released. Improved font rendering: Text is now more clearly readable, memory reduction for particle systems, bug fixes.


CopperLicht 1.6 released. Added Particle Systems, Mobile2D input nodes, extended Overlay2D node with nicer API and multi-line text support, 600% faster Billboard rendering, full compatibility with CopperCube 4.


CopperLicht 1.5 released. Added support for vertex colors, dynamic lighting is now more physically correct (like in the fixed function pipeline of Direct3D and OpenGL), full support for all CopperCube 3.1 features, various bug fixes.


CopperLicht 1.4.2 released. Speed optimization (vector3d constructor), various small bug fixes.


CopperLicht 1.4.1 released. Fixes bugs with transparent node sorting, adds dynamic light documentation.


CopperLicht 1.4 released. Adds dynamic light, double sided materials, support for CopperCube 3, WebGL in Internet Explorer via IEWebgl (see FAQ), improved performance in Firefox, button actions preventing default browser behavior.


CopperLicht 1.3.7 released. Fixed for Firefox 5 WebGL changes


CopperLicht 1.3.6 released. Several smaller improvements


CopperLicht 1.3.5 released. Fixing some compatiblity issues with the recently released Firefox 4.


CopperLicht 1.3.4 released. Improving rendering speed of billboards by about a factor of 40, and fixing a few minor bugs.


CopperLicht 1.3.3 released. Adding an optimized collision and response system (much faster now), access to CopperCube variables, a new method for controlling the first person shooter camera (looking by moving mouse), added a isMouseOverCanvas() method to test if the mouse is over the 3d area, several bug fixes and improvements.


CopperLicht 1.3.2 released. Adding new materials (reflections), performance optimizations, better font rendering, bug fixes.


CopperLicht 1.3.1 released. Adding compatibility with other libraries such as jQuery, enhanced shader support (callbacks for shader variables), a namespace for the library, better debugging support, possibility to clone 3D meshes.


CopperLicht 1.2.3 released. Fixed bug causing latest Chrome not to show textures in some examples


CopperLicht 1.2.2 released. Fixed a bug causing in newer WebGL implementations not to show textures when using non-power-of-2 sizes


CopperLicht 1.2.1 released. Fixes several bugs, introduces 3d line class, new quaternion functions and text drawing for 2D overlay scene nodes. See changelog for details.


CopperLicht 1.2.0 released. Added 2D drawing capabilites, improved shader error messages, creating textures from 2d canvas now possible, Updated to latest Firefox and Chrome/Webkit changes (rename of WebGL array types)


CopperLicht 1.1.2 released. Updated to the latest WebGL specification: Mandatory shader validation and the new gl.texImage2D signature supported. Of course, Copperlicht will still run with older WebGL browsers as well.


CopperLicht 1.1.1 released. Small bug fixes made to the collision detection.


CopperLicht 1.1.0 released. Adds character animation support via skeletal animations. There is a new tutorial showing it in action. Adds also some other smaller new improvements.


CopperLicht 1.0.3 released. Small bugfixes for CopperLicht 1.0.2.


CopperLicht 1.0.2 released. Small bugfixes for CopperLicht 1.0.1.


CopperLicht 1.0.1 released. Adds collision and response system, possibility to create own shaders an materials and two new tutorials. Also, now commercial licenses of CopperLicht are available.


CopperLicht 1.0.0b alpha released. Fixes a bug causing CopperLicht not to run on MacOSX.


CopperLicht 1.0.0 alpha released. Adds the option to open .ccb files with a click in the windows explorer and an .irr scene exporter.