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WebGL Editor: CopperCube

Ambiera CopperCube supports editing WebGL 3D scenes since version 1.2.0 in 2011, way before the first WebGL specification was finalized. Thus, until today, CopperCube has accumulated so much knowledge of WebGL that is now probably the best editor for creating WebGL 3D scenes and games.

Open Source WebGL JavaScript 3D Library

CopperCube's WebGL backend is also available as open source standalone JavaScript library, named CopperLicht. The name is a mixture of - of course - CopperCube - and 'Irrlicht', an open source 3D engine which has a similar API and was also written by the same original author.

Small size - fast websites

WebGL 3D scenes generated with CopperCube are very small, so they download quickly. The .js file you need to include into your website is only 175 KB in size (CopperCube 4.5), while other products demand a few megabytes. It downloads and starts very quickly because of that, and your users don't have to wait.
Additionally, all the 3D data like geometry and animations is compiled into one, small .ccbjs file, which not only reduces the download size, but also prevents theft of your 3D assets.

Download and try it out

You can download CopperCube from the main page.