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3D Sounds

CopperCube supports playing back 3D and 2D sounds, making it possible to create great atmospheres and background music. Depending on the publishing target, Coppercube supports the following sound file formats:
Note: When using the Flash (.swf) publishing target, CopperCube only supports playing back .mp3 files. When using the Windows (.exe) target, the player supports all file formats except .mp3 files. There are free tools like Audacity available which can convert between these file formats (for example from .mp3 to .ogg).

Creating a 3D Sound

To create a sound, click the button for this in the scene editing tab, or right-click into the scene and select the menu Insert -> Create a 3D sound. The resulting created sound will look like this:

A 3d sound

You won't hear anything yet because no sound has been selected yet. In the properties window of the sound, you can select a sound file, and the sound should play then:

The properties of the 3D sound

Note that you can should only select a sound file of a supported file as described above. If you are unsure: when you select a unsupported file and publish your scene, CopperCube will print a warning anyway.

The following attributes are available: